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Black Lapel suit is here

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    Black Lapel suit is here

    Thank god the box didn't apply to the suit, it was not exactly well loved. To my surprise the receipt says it's %90 wool and %10 cotton...wasn't thrilled with that at all.

    This thing is snug, i'm scared to eat a big meal heh. The arms actually have creases in them so I'm not sure if that's why the wrinkled in some pics etc(I tried it on and tried repacking it) but anyways let me know what you think, this is directly unpacked.

    This just seemed like an awkward pose but I put it anyways.

    No I did not break my leg, just a wierd picture


    seems to fit nicely. nice suit. i have been thinking about getting one of these custom suits.



      Damn, that fits great right out of the box. Was that your first BL suit or did they get it that right on the first try?



        that telltale "X" at the jacket button makes me think it's just a bit too tight. (or maybe it's just not hanging on you quite right)



          The vest fits you absolutely perfectly.

          I think the shoulders look overly padded and/or a little wide. The back looks clean. There is a little bit of pulling at the waist, but I think that there should be some material to let that out.



            i agree with redbearmike, the shoulder do look a little puffed out. It could just be the camera, I don't know. Congrats on the new suit, dude!

            I ordered a suit from indochino and I am expecting it at the end of the month. I'm pretty excited. It's my first non-ORT suit.



              Half-full: Fabric drapes nicely out of the box, tasteful lapel, trousers look good, jacket length suits you fine.

              Half-empty: It really is snug, button placement either out a bit or the jacket is indeed pulling in a few pics, not wild about shoulder dimpling but it is minor, cuffs (particularly your right hand) seem finished incorrectly.

              Aside from the shoulders, any issues are an easy fix.



                I was just looking at the website and I noticed they had a slim peak lapel option (something indochino does not have). Is that what you got or did you go with the regular?



                  Josh: this was my first one from BL/MTM (heck first suit in a LONG time)

                  Slim peak lapel.

                  So I put it back on with just a tshirt and well the shoulder bumps are actually my traps, so this may be a if you like the gym don't go slim fit and stick to tailored!

                  Regarding the cuffs that was due to shirt I threw on and 1 cuff was unbuttoned

                  My shoulders do go past the end of the arm hole ever so slightly, so that might be a remake?

                  I really really wanted a friggin suit for Vegas(which I may not be going to now that I found out I have 12 hours to get my passport renewed)



                    It's a friggin' suit, I'll tell you that. Certainly ready to wear as far as I'm concerned.



                      Don't usually like peak lapels and such but holy hell that's an awesome suit. Vegas ready.



                        Why do you need a passport for Vegas? Are you outside the USA?

                        I think the suit looks great. Maybe a chat with Black Lapel will help clear any concerns up.



                          yeah, in Canada this should be a fun day now trying to get a passport in a day :P



                            Looks good. You have to be a particular build to NOT get a little bit of an X at the button, especially in wool suits (thinner material).

                            38Rs are generally perfect in the shoulders for me, but i typically get a touch of the X myself.



                              It looks really nice. Maybe could be let the jacket out a very small amount at the waist. I agree with others that the shoulders look a bit too wide, and the vest is right on the money.

                              If it were me, I would definitely have my taylor re-do the buttonhole in a matching color. The lapels are so nice it seems a shame to deface them with a white buttonhole.