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Any Suggestions for a Heavy (Tweed/Flannel/Etc.) OTR Suit?

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    Any Suggestions for a Heavy (Tweed/Flannel/Etc.) OTR Suit?

    It’s getting cold in Connecticut, and I’m looking to buy a suit off-the-rack to get me through these cold days. Ideally, I’d be able to find a grey tweed 3-piece (like for under $1000, but I’m not sure that’s possible, so I’ve come here. I’m looking for something heavy (tweed, flannel, etc.), preferably grey (though brown or a dark navy might work), and hopefully with a vest option (or requirement). And under $1000. Might be asking a bit much here, but I though it was worth a try.

    The closest thing I’ve found so far is (SuitSupply’s Washington 3p Light Grey Plains). Can anyone speak to the substantiality of the fabric?

    I know there are also some J.Crew suits that meet some of my criterion ( and spring to mind) - does anyone have any experience with these? How’s the feel/fit/general quality?

    In case it matters to anyone’s analysis, I’m 5’8”/150 (working back down to 145... just give me a little while) and usually wear a 36R/30” (though I believe my SuitSupply Napoli suit is a 35R/29”).

    Thanks for any advice you can offer!


    I'm heading to New York on Saturday - anyone have a suggestion for where I should stop in? Brooks Brothers seems slightly too expensive when it comes to what I'm looking for - right now I've just got SuitSupply and J.Crew on my list.



      Definitely SuitSupply, and I certainly would hit Century 21 too. The main C21 down across from WTC is sort of chaotic but it's still the best, so if you're going down to SuitSupply I'd definitely make a trip to that C21 too. The UWS C21 is pretty good too. C21 is also great for ties and pocket squares if you need something to go with your suit. They almost always have $50-60 Robert Talbott silk pocket squares for about $10.

      You said BB is too expensive, but if you've never been there the 346 Madison store is pretty impressive. Then go up the block to the Paul Stuart flagship store which is probably my favorite menswear store in the city. Too bad I can't afford most of it! I have bought a few things that were on clearance there before. Their tie and pocket square selections are pretty awesome and their website only has a fraction of the stuff that the main store has.

      Is there a way to PM on the Dappered forums? If there is, I'll PM you my favorite thrift spot since you're not my size but I'm not posting it publicly.



        @fred, PMs will be coming soon. Once the change over to the new threads happens.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          @fred, feel free to email me at [email protected] if you're got any tips you'd like to share



            Email sent!



              I live near the UWS C21 and am never impressed with their suit selection. I'm 5'8", 151, 36R, so very similar size to you, Jordan. Agree with Fred that C21 is good for accessories like ties (the UWS C21 has a pretty decent-sized wall of slim ties), PS's, and socks.

              And I'll second the 346 Madison BB rec. Not worth a trip if you know for sure a BB tweed is beyond your price point, but it's an impressive store with an impressive suit selection.