An e-cigarette or electronic cigarette is an electronic implement that looks like a cigarette and allows people to simulate smoking without the unhealthy smoke and tar of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The e-cig was created by a Chinese pharmacist in 2003, and since that time dozens of brands have been developed and have hit the marketplace. There are many advantages to e-cigs over regular tobacco smokes such as no offensive smoke, no ashes, no filthy ashtrays full of butts and so much more. To choose the type or brand that is best for you, it makes sense to read as many E Cigarette Reviews as you can. There is no shortage of reviews online, and it will pay off to learn as much as you can about the product.It is important to become as familiar with as many of the electronic cigarettes brands and reviews as possible if you have never used the product before. The brand known as Green Smoke was the first brand to enter the market and they are still going strong. Green Smoke is well known among e-cig users and the brand uses superior craftsmanship and high quality materials. It comes with different flavors such as coffee, chocolate, menthol, apple and vanilla. The nicotine contents range from 0 mg to 16 mg. Nicotine, by the way, is not harmful in the way that carcinogens and toxins in tobacco smoke are. Plus the FDA has approved nicotine in gum and lozenges for folks who are trying to quit smoking. Brands that consistently earn five star reviews include Blu Cigs, V2 Cigs, Stog E-Cigs and Safe Cig.As people have become more concerned about their health, the popularity of e-smoking has grown by leaps and bounds. To live a healthier lifestyle, folks are investing in e-cigs. With so many brands on the market, most consumers make their decision based on a good e-cigarette review. There are numerous advantages to switching to e-cigs from tobacco cigarettes. The e-cigs run on batteries so there are no matches and no lighters which could be fire hazards. The batteries are rechargeable meaning less waste. The smoke is actually just a vapor that quickly disappears. There is no smell or second hand smoke to worry about. Taxes on tobacco are constantly increasing, but e-cigs are not subject to those taxes. So they are cheaper and they provide a healthier alternative to smoking since you are no longer inhaling the 4000 toxins found in tobacco cigarettes!

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