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    Ratio Clothing shirt

    Just received my 1st dress shirt from Ratio Clothing (the light blue gingham w/ unfused Londoner collar). Sent them my best fitting dress shirt (Hugh and Crye) for measurements - hopefully not disappointed. Review post later....


    I love Ratio. Best shirt I own and Eric and his crew set a customer service example that more companies should work to emulate



      @Thomas - I'm hoping to have the same experience as you have!



        If you don't, let Eric know and he'll make it right.... He's that good



          4:30PM can't roll around fast enough - I want to try this thing on!



            I'm in the midst of getting my first Ratio shirt altered, and I echo what Thomas said...Eric has been fantastic to work with. Very accommodating and responsive.

            I got the blue OCBD, and the material and craftsmanship are top notch. I did need a number of things adjusted on the initial shirt, but I expected that. Looking forward to seeing version #2.



              I'll echo some of the comments. I got a light blue poplin shirt, and after an initial wearing, I contacted Eric about having some pretty major alterations (armhole/shoulder), and he has been extremely accommodating. Fantastic customer service.



                I generally like ratio, but I'm not a big fan of their fabrics.

                Customer service is great though. They sent me shirts with a 16 inch drop (24 inch waist) instead of an 8 inch drop (32 inch waist) by mistake. I emailed them about it and had new shirts just a few days later.



                  I have six Ratio shirts, and eying lucky number seven. Can't say enough good things about this brand.



                    Some shirts just come in sizes like S M L XL. You can get more detail with actual measurements; e.g. collar in half-inch increments and sleeves in 1 or 2 inch increments. Then there's the MTM from my local men's shop, where there are 14 different measurements in inches.

                    Ratio Clothing is somewhere between. Three actual measurements in inches, and two additional generic size descriptions. If that does it for you, great. But if you actually want to specify things like waist or shoulder width, you have to take the three measurements and two descriptions, find out what waist or shoulder that works out to, and then add change descriptions like +0.5 shoulder, -1.5 waist, etc. Very cumbersome. Eric is accomodating to a point, but he just can't get to some of the things that my local shop's fourteen numbers can do with ease. And when I reorder from the shop, I don't have to go through it all over again. With Ratio, you can probably do that with a special email to Eric, but there's no option on the ordering page to include all the extra numbers from last time. You can't just click "use my size on file."

                    Eric is great, customer service is excellent, stitching quality is usually good or very good, but it's a long way from the full MTM that so many other places offer, both online and at clothiers. If you happen to fit more closely to their limited-MTM "Ratio Sizing", then you might get a good fit; some people can even get the right fit with just collar and 2" sleeve increments.

                    Ratio has a few nice fabrics, but in general, the selection is extremely limited. It does seem to be getting better; I just looked and there are several new fabrics. None to my liking. but more choice is better then less choice.

                    If the fabric choices were both more and better, and if I could really just specify the measurements instead of the very limited "Ratio Sizing" with corrections, I'd likely buy more shirts from them. But for now, my local shop and Individualized Shirts give me a much better fit, a bigger selection of better fabrics, and effortless reordering. Only about $10-20 more per shirt to get a broad selection of excellent fabrics, and a shirt that fits like a $120 MTM shirt should fit. I do keep checking in with Ratio, and they may address these issues some day, and I might buy more from them.



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                        I wish I could find a local shirtmaker who did MTM for $120. I pay $195 from my shirtmaker -- which is why I only have two shirts from him!



                          Great shirts. After my experience I am done buying off-the-rack shirts. Why spend $40+ on a shirt then $30 for tailoring, when you can get a custom well-fitted shirt for $80-$100? Eric was very responsive and helpful in getting my first shirt the perfect size. I've ordered two more and hopefully they will fit the same as the first. For people on their first shirt make sure to run it through a wash before you check the fit, the fabric will shrink some.



                            Are there any current discounts avail? I really want to try one of their gingham shirts but they are 125.00. Thats more than I can handle for just one shirt :-(



                              Wore the shirt today; here's some observations:

                              1. It was to my advantage to send them a well-fitting shirt to base their measurements off of. They took those measurements, made some minor modifications based on the "Ratio Fit", and built the shirt.

                              2. In terms of fit itself, I got the Ratio Slim fit and was glad I did. The shirt is slim but not snug in the least through the torso, chest, neck, and sleeve (I apparently have a 14" neck and was a little concerned when Eric passed that on to me prior to receiving the shirt, but there's ample room there for the two finger test).

                              3. It's obviously not (at this price point) a bespoke shirt, but the fit and finish (stitching, etc) seem very well done. The material is solid and I haven't found one loose thread yet (and believe me, I look for those things). I went for the non-fused, Londoner collar rather than one of their listed collars (if you want this option, just ask), and I have to say, it's rather rakish (in a good way).

                              4. I think the only minor issue I have is that sleeves are a touch (as in, maybe 1/4") slim in the middle of the sleeve; by that I mean when I attempted to do the roll up to the elbow, there wasn't quite enough material (like in my Hugh and Crye shirts) to do it without effort. Minor issue though and that can be fixed when I order my next shirts.

                              Hope that helps anyone thinking of Ratio; I'm glad I got one and I look forward to pinching pennies so I can order more.