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If I wear a suit on Monday, can I wear it again on Tuesday?

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    If I wear a suit on Monday, can I wear it again on Tuesday?

    I am just trying to figure out how frequently I can repeat certain clothes.


    Shirt and tie combo?


    How long do I have to wait after wearing each one before it is socially acceptable to wear it again? THANKS!


    Jeans - everday.

    Shirt and tie combo - I would say every other week. But I think you could get away with doing once a week

    Suit - 2 times a week. Just make sure to change the shirt and tie combo.



      Everyone has their own opinion on what is acceptable.

      Most people are fine with wearing the same pair of jeans every day. I prefer not to, so I never do.

      Even with a small wardrobe (if you have 4 shirts and 5 ties) you can go 3 or 4 weeks (depending on matching) without wearing the same exact combo. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a combo you like every other week.

      You can get away with wearing the same navy or charcoal grey suit every work day if you have to as long as you change the shirt and tie. Although this is certainly not ideal and you are going to wear out your suit a lot faster.



        Depends on the suit and the target audience. If it is just a formal work environment, no one will ever notice the same solid-colored navy / grey / charcoal / etc suit, as Specter said.

        As for shirt and tie combo, hopefully you don't have 5 unique shirt and tie combos that can't be mixed and matched, so this should really never be an issue.

        The reality is, I'm willing to bet nobody is paying that much attention to what you are wearing. My only rule is don't wear the same shirt 2x in one week, and I break that one all the time when I'm traveling.



          With exception to white shirts @MikeAD91. You can wear a white shirt multiple times throughout the week in different combos (sweater, blazer) or if just wearing by itself space it out at the beginning of the week and end of week.

          "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen



            This is all great advice. Thank you!



              I wear grey dress pants nearly every day at work. Just various shades. People probably think I'm really boring.

              Lately I've been mixing in an occasional brown or navy, but 4/5 times I go grey.