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    Crisis Mode: Chinos!

    Hey all - so I just discovered that there's an important career-related semi-formal event that I should attend tomorrow. It's "business casual," but almost all the attendees are going fairly dressed up - far more emphasis on the "business" than the "casual."

    So, since my suit is at the tailor, I'll go in a dressy blazer, chinos, shirt, tie, loafers, pocket square. But, as I tried on my chinos for the first time in a while (I'm a student), I discovered something awful...I've dropped from a 34 waist to a 32 waist in the past 2 months. I was probably a little under a 34 before, but now there's just no way I can fit into them.

    I immediately went on to Bonobos and am about to order another two pairs of their slim-straight chinos, which are by far my favorite pants, but I need SOMETHING for tomorrow.

    So, I'm looking for a place where I can find a nice, reasonably priced (preferabely $60 or less, since they'll be my least favorite pair of pants no matter what I spend on them) pair of slim chinos (preferably in navy or charcoal) that I can find in a 32x34 in a physical store somewhere near me. Heck, even cords would work.

    And the kicker: I don't live near a Nordstrom.

    Also: note the size. Longer inseam than waist is a PAIN.


    Target is always a decent option for a last resort. Heck just to wear regularly, Target has really stepped it up recently.

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      Do you live near anything? Any mall seems like the obvious answer



        JCP's new chinos are pretty nice for like 25 bucks



          I've tried malls, but they all seem to only stock pants with waist:insteam ratios >=1

          I've tried (and found no sizes at):


          Dockers (at Macy's)

          Land's End



            Another vote for JCP. I was down there on my lunch break, and their JCP chinos looked good on the rack (tough I didn't try them on).



              Yikes. Sounds like you need a pair of stopgap dockers. Tons of places have them, Macy's, Kohl's, etc.. D1's or Alphas should do the trick.

              Dress for style, live for results.



                Also, if the waist/inseam ratio is a problem, there's an easy solution... EAT MORE!



                  Banana Republic gavin or emmerson chinos. Good solid bet.



                    The last time I was there a few weeks back, Gap some nice tailored chinos in a slim and straight fit.



                      I'm going with a simple suggestion: Ask friends or neighbors. Surely some of them are the same size as you.