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what's worth getting from jos a bank?

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    what's worth getting from jos a bank?

    there's a new store opening near me and they're doing a $50 dollars off $100+ promo, including sale items.

    any suggestions?


    Shoe trees.. ties? The few items of clothing I've gotten from there have been pretty poor quality.

    Dress for style, live for results.



      This goes against most of the mindsets on here, but: Junk at any price is still junk.

      Save money. Buy something good.



        Cedar products. Not actual clothes.



          Unfortunately, everyone above his correct. I let the "deals" suck me in a few times early on in buying close and always regretted it. It sounds great, but half off isn't even a good deal there. they do their suits 70% off quite often



            I must be in the minority here. I have many of their dress shirts, and love them. They have great patterns, with a bunch of colors worked into their patterns. I'm a big fan of Jos. A Bank. Not sure what I'd do with $50 off $100 (as others have said, their sales can get prices much lower), but I would certainly not make a claim not to buy "actual clothes".



              As others have said - shoe trees. I'm pretty sure Woodlore makes the shoe trees for JAB, AE, etc and they fine. During a recent JAB buy 1 get 2 free sale with a free shipping code I bought a bunch of shoe trees for about $6 each.



                I've heard good things about their Traveler shirts, but buy them when they have the buy 1 get 2 free special. It knocks the price per shirt to under $30.



                  Their real prices are their deepest "discounts". Any higher price is a scam, just to make their regular prices look like a discount. At 3-for-1, their at their regular price point, and still seriously overpriced. I think even the shoe trees aren't nearly as good as the ones that sell for $12.95 every day at DSW.

                  This whole website is built around getting things at the best prices possible, but Banks is just not a good value, even when they drop prices to their regular prices and pretend it's a "sale."

                  It reminds me of mattress stores. Walk into a mattress chain store some time, just for amusement, and ask what's "on sale." The usual answer is "Everything is on sale!" Then laugh and walk out. If a store needs to play these dishonest price games, it's a good indication that something's wrong.



                    Nah, every store has an expectation that most merchandise will be sold at a discount, and most have a perpetual sale of some sort.

                    The problem with JAB is that the discounts are so ridiculous that they're almost a parody. Buy one get two free? 70% off?

                    That's essentially a non stop clearance sale.

                    Their clothes are utter crap. I got suckered into buying the following:

                    - Pocket squares: Stiff as cardboard "silk"

                    - "Merino wool" pullover. 10% merino, sleeves tight enough to cut off your circulation, and a midsection big enough for an obese rhino.

                    Maybe they carry something that isn't total shit, but judging them based on what their sales people wear, I doubt it.



                      Haha, I think some of you are seriously over stating the lack of quality. They're clothes aren't great but come on...

                      @Cause Moe

                      The shoe trees I bought from JAB are nearly identical to the ones I bought from AE. In fact I would venture to say they're made by the same company. (edit: looks like Fred beat me to it)



                        I agree with Deke, sounds like way too many people feel as though JAB took their mother out for a nice seafood dinner and never called her again. Relax -- they're serving a very different area of the market than 99% of the people who read Dappered and post on the threads. I actually have a couple of their suits that I purchased a while ago and I don't mind them whatsoever... and (gasp) get compliments on. They're on the boxier side, but if you purchase their signature/sig gold stuff, their suits aren't terrible quality. I also have a few ties from there that I like as well, although I'm not sure they're the best quality. All that being said, I don't plan on purchasing anything from JAB going forward, outside of required wedding attire (not my choice), etc.



                          I understand the desire to defend your past purchases, but their stuff really is crap. You can get better suits at better prices from just about any low priced clothing operation.

                          People compliment crap all the time. That doesn't make them right.



                            Cf. people who purchase two non-suit items from a store and extrapolate their view to everything in the store with confidence -- those are the guys who are always right...

                            Just giving my personal opinion from my own experience. Seems as though a lot of people who don't have any experience with JAB instantly and automatically go ballistic with the "oh my god, worst store ever" spiel, as if the store somehow personally insulted them (DOROTHY MANTOOTH IS A SAINT). Yes, JAB does sell a lot of less-than-optimal quality pieces and their forever-sale schtick is a bit overdone; however, if I'm not mistaken, their higher end stuff is half-canvassed and I've never had an issue with quality of the actual garment on those (I imagine that, if you buy their cheapest suit, you get what you pay for). Whether it's the best bang for your buck, probably not; however, not everyone is the same and it may have some value to certain people.



                              I agree most stuff isnt worth it, but I bought a navy cotton sportcoat for very cheap from there that I use quite often and I have no complaints about. I have a recent pic of it on the WIWT thread.