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Skyfall dress boots - finding an affordable version

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    Skyfall dress boots - finding an affordable version

    Hey, I'm really excited about the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, and have been following any developments with baited breath. I'm really liking the plain derby-style dress boots he pairs with his grey suit, the Tetbury model:

    The only problem with this is that they cost over $600 and I'm not nearly able to swing that. I've been looking for acceptable alternatives and the closest I found this morning was this John White model ( but all the reviews I've been able to find of John White aren't positive at all. These J&M's are decent (, but not as close as I was hoping for.

    So, does anyone have any recommendations or experience with John White shoes? Thank you!





      What's your budget?

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        FWIW, that black C&J chukka is listed as being nubuck, but it sure doesn't look like nubuck to me.



          Budget's around $150-$200 I guess. I can get behind the idea of wearing boots like that with a suit or jeans, they seem pretty versatile to me.



            I only found one other option, which are these Cole Haan's but they're sold out and I didn't have any luck finding them anywhere else (in the brief search that I did, so maybe you might have more luck with a more extensive search if you're interested in 'em):

            Other than that, I found a lot of PRETTY similar shoes, except they're all in stippled leather, which completely changes the aesthetic of the style.

            Sorry I couldn't be more help.



              No need to apologize, thank you for the effort! I'm amazed that this resource/community exists to crowdsource these kinds of searches.



                Maybe try Loake? At £100 these should be right in your price range:


                or the Loake 1880 line which would be a step up at £158:


                I have a pair of Loake Litchfields which are also from the 1880 line and they are one of my favorite pairs of boots:


                Loake also makes a lot of the Charles Tyrwhitt shoes. I didn't see anything like the Tetbury there now, but if you're near a CT store you might want to have a look.



                  Fred, those look awesome, thank you! Oh goodness, Skyfall commercial...and I'm back. I have a feeling I'll be checking out Loake for other shoe needs in the future, too!



                    I have 2 identical pairs of Loake Connery Chukka's the quality of the leather is just awesome it's very soft compared to the AEs, Magnanni, and Herring shoes I have. One thing I will point out is that I have a UK 9 and a UK 10(5 last in AE size 11 tend to fit me well, otherwise I think 10.5 D would work better in other last) but the 9 ALMOST fits perfectly, it's a bit small and causes rubbing. So be aware of the sizing.




                      are the laoke litfields run small or big? most of the popular sizes are OOS.



                        I find the Litchfields are pretty much TTS. I wear a 10E or 10D in AE shoes depending on last, and my UK9 Litchfields fit great. If you have a narrow foot they may be slightly wide.

                        I just noticed the Herring links aren't working today. Here are those 2 Loakes again from the Loake website:



                        I know Pediwear carries Loake too so maybe they would have it in stock. I've ordered from them before. Edwards of Manchester has the Kempton:


                        I know others that have ordered from them so I bet they deduct the VAT if you're shipping to the US.



                          This is still out of your budget, but if its one of those things where your heart is set on them and if you think you will always regret not having put money towards 'the real thing', you could order the shoes from C&J UK. With the going conversion rate, you could get them shipped for about $490US vs the US list price of $605.

                          Still a lot, but maybe not if you cared enough to just think of foregoing another shoe that might be on your want list. There are times I buy stuff and in the end just wished I'd saved up and gotten the thing I actually wanted.



                            Fred, thanks again, I'm going to see if there's a coupon code from Herring (or similar) in the next week; and thanks for the sizing report, I was just about to ask the same thing as JackBauer. Those Kemptons are a bit more than I was looking to spend, but I really like both of them. Thanks again!

                            Matt, I understand exactly what you're saying. I don't know if I'm at the point in my life where I can really care for such an investment or really swing that. I really do see your point, but I like the look more than the individual model.