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I have never worn sunglasses. Tips?

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    Question: Is there a place I can try on American Optics sunglasses?



      @zero, that's the tough part. Most of their dealers are online (makes sense in light of the Luxottica article):

      If you live near one of those places physically, like the Optics Planet retail location, you can.



        I still am confused as to how so many companies can make Aviator-style glasses and then call them Aviator or Originals when one company, Ray-Ban, does indeed hold the true right to claim authorship. Isn't there a design copyright or something? Or did Bausch & Lomb fail to protect the design? Same seems to go with the Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers. Many companies make their own versions, but seem to ignore the obvious inspiration for the shoes...

        As for glasses pricing, I get that glasses materials only cost so much, and therefore pricing is mostly on the brands. It is similar to the Mac/PC argument in a way though. If a good deal is important to you and the cost to make what you're buying factors in to that, then sure a Mac isn't a "good deal". But if you are willing to pay for the less calculator-friendly value an object may have to you, then there is room for a premium cost associated with a brand name and the ideas and designs that belong with it.

        I personally really enjoy the history that some brands have (despite how far their production is from their origin).

        Ray-Ban, Persol, and Oliver Peoples have had some great on-screen and off-screen cultural importance and success, and that to me adds value. Sure, they are part of the many Luxottica brands, but the head company still aims to maintain or increase the perception of the brands. Ray-Ban is still intended to be the American icon it once was, despite all signs pointing to it being an Italian-made designer glasses brand on paper. Despite what happens behind the scenes, the brand is still designed with a purpose as it reaches its market. Many times, that purpose is to still design the brands with the nature of their place and potential in culture in mind as it still attempts to remain recognizable under its name.



          I have gotten pretty good at suppressing my gag reflex every time I see someone with cheap and/or ugly sunglasses.



            "I have gotten pretty good at suppressing my gag reflex every time I see someone with cheap and/or ugly sunglasses. "

            Your life has fallen badly out of blanace if this is real. It must inside hurt to be such a repellant person.



              "It is similar to the Mac/PC argument in a way though."

              I respectfully disagree. But without this devolving into a computer debate, if you think the price is worth the legacy, nobody can fault you there.

              I just think the article is interesting for the perspective it can provide. The peek behind the curtain. And if OP is looking for a stylish alternative without the burdensome history, who can fault him, either?



                In all seriousness, there is a very noticeable difference in quality between expensive sunglasses and cheap ones. To me, it's worth the price in quality and style if you can train yourself not to lose them.

                As far as the article goes, I dunno, it just strikes me as feigned outrage. In essence, they are accusing Luxottica of charging more for their product than what it costs to make--or, in other words, of being a business.

                My best advice for OP would be to buy some sunglasses you think you like at Target. Maybe try another pair out a few months later. In a year or two, invest in some nice sunglasses. I'd be surprised if you didn't think it was worth the money.



                  I don't give a crap about the history. I just want a decent pair that fits me well. Add in the fact that sunglasses are commonly lost or broken, and I'll be traveling with them, I just want something inexpensive.



                    @zerostyle: I agree with you and very much disagree with jose_jackson. I can find plenty of pairs that look great but that don't cost hundreds of dollars. There are certain thing that I am willing to spend more on (shoes, suits, blazers), but a pair sunglasses just isn't one of them.




                      Then I would definitely go the Target route. That's what I did for several years. They look good and will be inexpensive.

                      I wear sunglasses everyday (sunshine state) and just got tired of them breaking after only a few months. If you don't wear them everyday or only wear them on special occasions, then it may not make sense to spend much money.



                        I personally have never lost a pair of my expensive sunglasses and have been very pleased by the design and quality of pricier pairs.

                        It is most definitely up to the individual to decide if it is worth the cost to them. For me, I wear them gladly everyday and will continue to grow my selection.




                          Fair enough. Like I said, I'm a sunglasses person. If this was a watch discussion, and I was advocating for the Weekender to the exclusion of all other more expensive watches, then I'd probably get a lot of flack. To me, this is the same thing, just less people care about or use sunglasses.



                            Ok, I'm considering getting either the Persol aviators through the main site's bluefly deal or some AO's. Obviously, the AO sales won't last forever and the Persons won't, either. Anyone got some quick, off-the-cuff advice on which way to go?



                              Can you return the Persols if you don't like them? My gut would be to go with the Persols, since this is about as cheap as you'll find them. The AOs will always be available for a good price.




                                Yeah, I can return them if I need to. Joe posted the black rims, but I'm really digging the turtle shell rims. Thoughts?