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I have never worn sunglasses. Tips?

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    I have never worn sunglasses. Tips?

    So, I've never owned a pair of sunglasses in my life. Mostly, because I don't really like how I look in them.

    That said, it seems like a good idea to get something for the beach and UV eye protection. My eyes have also become very sensitive to light over the years, so I might as well suck it up and get something.

    My face is somewhat tall and narrow, and I have a high forehead/slightly receding hairline. (Jude Law seems to be the closest comparison according to a few female friends, though that's way too generous).

    What would be a fairly inexpensive brand of sunglasses that might work, and also be timeless? I don't want something that is trendy and will look ridiculous in a year.


    I can recommend a couple styles:

    - Wayfarer style in classic black or tortoiseshell (you can find these in just about every brand, especially in black)

    - Clubmaster style in the same colors mentioned above (I got a knockoff pair from Urban Outfitters for $18)

    - Aviators (I prefer the smaller, square style ones as opposed to the bigger ones you see most people wearing now. I just ordered a pair off of amazon in the gold frame, seen here: I haven't seen them in person yet, I will let you know)

    As you can see, I don't like to go for expensive sunglasses either. I find that I end up losing them or breaking them, though I am getting better at that, and it is not worth the cost for a better pair. Whatever you do, don't go for the wrap around sports styles. They are not classic and I think the only time you should ever wear them is maybe when you are playing sports outside, and that is a maybe.



      I think Aviators are coming back, and they're a great look in my opinion. They usually work well on tall faces, so you should be good.

      I recommend getting something polarized, it makes things like beaches and driving a lot easier.

      I recently got a pair of Sunhouse aviators for about $60 and I love them so far.



        Haha.. I just google image searched "wayfarer" and one of the first images that came up was Jude Law. Wasn't a big fan of this look though:

        Here's with aviators:

        IMO the aviators look a lot better



          I can't help but mention American Optics. They make a great, solid product for a third of the price of those Luxottica brand optics (eg: Ray-Ban).



            aviators. and polarized lenses if available, though they cost more.



              pensotroppo has a good point. I've heard good things about those. I just got that pair that I got because they were cheap. I may pick up a pair of those AO's though.



                I think the most important thing when picking any kind of glasses is finding a frame that compliments your face shape. Do some googling and read up on what kinds of frames look best with what kind of face shapes.

                I happen to also have a long and narrow face myself, and I shave my head, so I found that wearing frames with a lot of vertical depth to them (that is, the height of the lenses) works best. Try on a frame with very little vertical depth, then try on one with a lot of it, and you should be able to see, quite dramatically, that the former makes your face look longer, and not in a good way.

                Other, similar principles apply to round faces, angular faces, heart-shaped faces, etc. Imo specific brand matters a lot less than getting an appropriate frame shape for your face.



                  Check this out for sure:



                    Fun read if you're bored:;contentBody



                      pensotroppo- exactly why I can't justify paying 250+ for a pair of "designer" sunglasses. I'll pay for quality and aesthetics, but past a certain point you're just paying for the name.

                      I have a polarized pair of these aviators from American Optics. Love em so far:




                        @pensotroppo: That's just depressing.



                          +1 on the American Optics Original Pilot Sunglasses. I've received many compliments on them. I think they work well on any face. Plus, they are made in the US.



                            I've been hunting for sunglasses, too, and AO looks like a great choice - especially at Optics Planet's prices. I'm just struggling to figure out what looks good on me. It's a problem I've always had.



                              @Alan - they have a return policy. I've never had to use it, but it should hopefully make you feel better should you decide to order.

                              (Full disclosure: I bought a pair of polarized AOs from OP and love them. Lots of compliments.)