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[REVIEW] My Review of Lands' End Canvas Made in USA Denim

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    [REVIEW] My Review of Lands' End Canvas Made in USA Denim

    So a few weeks ago, I realized I needed a new pair of denim. Figured I would just replace my Levi's 514 jeans...but then I went to the store and the 514s seemed to be even bigger in the leg opening (and I was already thinking my 514s could do with a little more tapering in the leg anyway)...

    With a stroke of good luck in timing, Joe posted his review of Lands' End Canvas Made in USA Denim and I figured I had to give it a shot. Coming from an autoworker family, I am a big fan of buying "Made in USA" when it is financially feasible, so I went for it.

    Even though I thought I wanted to go with 33x32 in my new jeans (gained a tiny bit of bad weight since starting a new job in a new place and my workout routine fell apart), that wasn't possible with LEC, so I went for 32x32 in both the 608 (Slim Fit) and 628 (Straight Fit).

    My jeans weren't nearly as wrinkled out of the box and bag as Joe's were which was a good start...


    608 & 628: Beautiful. Perfect. Spot on. Exactly what color denim should be.


    608: Tighter than the 514s in pretty much every area besides the waist (actually measured the same for me). The 608s were several inches (seemingly) in the calves compared to the 514s. They were also slimmer in the thighs, but they were much more similar. Current 514s are shorter but's probably due to the numerous washes.

    628: Similar in the waist and the thighs as the 514s but narrower in the calves and leg opening which was pretty much what I was looking for. Again, it's really hard to compare since the 514s I'm wearing are extremely well worn in and stretched out. Length was obviously the same as the 608s.


    608 & 628: Quality seems pretty good 514s might be a bit softer out of the gate but it's hard to remember since they are so well warn in at this point. The ink does run significantly it seems. Dropped a little piece of food and dabbed my jeans with a warm wet rag and some blue dye popped up on the rag.


    I am keeping the 628s and returning the 608s. The 608s are just a bit too tight everywhere. I have skinny calves, so I did enjoy the added tapering in the leg but there just wasn’t enough room in the crotch, seat and thigh areas. That being said, if I keep up my workout routine which I plan on starting Monday, I may take another look at the 608s.

    The 628s are pretty much a hybrid of Levi’s 501, 513, and 514s, so they were exactly what I was looking for. Going to have these for quite a while.

    Honestly, I am pretty stoked that I have some Made in USA jeans that didn’t force me to break in the bank. Hope to be wearing these for a long time. Nice work Lands’ End Canvas!

    If people want pictures, let me know.


    I liked everything about the jeans but they were cut weird around the waist. The back of the jeans went up too high up my lower back to the point it felt weird. If I lowered them to get the back in the proper spot, the front of the jeans were near my crotch. Aside from that they were perfect.



      Wow - thanks for the review?

      Blue dye came off?? I've never heard of that! Does that happen with raw denim as well? I would want to wash them before wearing them since I would be afraid that a wet fart would stain the upholstery.



        @Vicious49: I can see what you mean with the 608s but don't feel that way with the 628s.

        @nicholascrawford: Wrote a review for these and the peacoats because i found the information on them generally lacking (besides from here), so maybe the next person who has the same conondrum will find it a bit easier...I'm not a raw denim guy because I don't like to spend too much on jeans, but it is common for all color dyed jeans to come off...As for the "fart" part, thanks for the lol!



          I'm not a denim purist and wash my work jeans daily (they get covered in mud) and my other jeans a couple times a year, so I haven't really experienced dye rubbing off.



            Chicubs - I bought the straight fit ones, not sure what number they are. There's no way slim fit jeans would fit my legs.



              @nicholascrawford: I haven't washed them in yet. According to LEC, once you wash them, that locks in the color.

              @Vicious49: Gotcha. Each their own.