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    Was at the Cole Haan Outlet and tried on a pair of brown boots. They are very tall, like mid calf. Never owned anything like that before, I have searched and searched for a picture cannot find any. The lady working there compared them to a combat boot, but they dont seem quite that rugged. What are your thoughts on "tall" boots?


    There is no point to tall boots, unless there is a point to them. I trust I make myself obscure.

    There are some valid reasons for wearing tall boots. They provide protection and stability that can be beneficial or necessary for combat, horseback riding, mountaineering, agricultural work.

    But tall boots are also a pain in the butt. Putting them on and taking them off takes ages. My dad owns two pairs of pac boots - the tall ones that he wears "for real" and the short, velcro "bootie" version that he slaps on when he gets a fire call in the winter. The "real" boots just take too long to put on.

    And they are immensely uncomfortable. Even the most comfortable tall boot will not be as comfortable as a pair of regular shoes. Tall boots restrict the natural movements of your foot, ankle, and lower leg. This immobilization can serve a protective purpose, but it also changes the way you walk and forces your upper legs, back, and core to do much of the work that your lower legs normally do. You are basically putting your legs and ankles into a splint. If you've ever been downhill skiing, imagine the feeling of relief you get at the end of a long day when you take off those horrible plastic boots and put on some real shoes. A tall boot is not quite as restrictive as a ski boot, but the idea is the same.

    Plus, no one will see your tall boots. Not the tall part, anyway. Unless you plan on wearing them with shorts, or tucking your pants into them - both of which are fashion no-nos in my book.

    A boot that's 6-8" in height is the most any guy will likely need to really feel like he is wearing a pair of boots. Taller than that is pointless unless you're really wearing the boots for a reason.

    I own a pair of 13" Schnee's pac boots. Great boots, love 'em for what they are (winter outdoor boots). They're even comfortable, all things considered. Yet, given the choice, I would rather wear virtually any other shoe I own, if I weren't planning on trudging through waist-deep snow.




      I was thinking the same thing, I really liked what I could see. Like you said most was covered by my pants. They did feel a little strange when walking in them, very restrictive like you said. I think this will be a pass. Thanks for your input, I was hoping someone would be able to put into words what was in my head, and you did.



        There aren't really any valid reasons for wearing tall boots. All it does is displace any possible fracture further up your foot. There's a reason the hiking community is, and has, moved to trail runners. They're lighter, more comfortable, and the idea that ankle support is somehow desirable is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.