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    Work bag ideas

    Hey fellas. I know there are some previous threads on this, but none too recent. I'm looking for nice bag for work, something like a messenger bag with a shoulder strap. Preferably brown leather and I'd like to keep it under $100. Thanks!


    I'd hang out for a black friday sale with that criteria man.. I just bought a brown leather briefcase on super-sale from Maxton Men for $250. You might have better luck with canvas or cloth at that price point. Maxton has some decent stuff.



      I agree with Frost - you're going to have a rough time finding a leather messenger bag for less than $200, let alone $100 - especially if quality is any concern. An earthier canvas bag with leather details will be easier to find in your price range, and will probably be much higher-quality and more durable than a comparably priced, all-leather bag.

      If you aren't opposed to canvas or wool, here are a few ideas (and some leather for comparison):







      The added benefit to the above bags is they're US-made and their makers will stand behind them. Not sure if they're too "rustic" for your purposes.

      If you live near a Nordstrom Rack, keep an eye out there as well. I frequently see Jack Spade and other similar bags show up in the men's accessories.


      One additional thing - looks like Copper River Bags is having some kind of "summer sale" (maybe?) You might poke around their (admittedly crappy) website and see what deals you can find. They're still probably over your budget, but if you really want decent leather that will last, it may be worth splurging a bit.






        Thanks guys. Not too familiar with the pricing of messenger bags, but maybe I will go for a canvas one. I'll probably poke around ebay too.



          I was able to get this one for just under $100 three months ago and really like it.



            Knomo. Great bags. Waxed canvas. I've got one of their briefcases and love it.



              This ebayer in the UK has a great variety:




                Saw this messenger bag in the JCP Holiday 2012 look book. I don't think it's in stores yet, but the book says available in "October"




                  Am wondering about the versatility of the Serengeti color noted here:


                  Pretty sure the answer is "brown is more versatile", but wanted to get the group's opinion.

                  My overcoats are generally brown, wear quite a bit of navy, have AE walnut Strands, brown Kenilworths, cognac McTavishes, black Strands, walnut Black Hills and a pair of burgundy Cole Haan cap toes.

                  Currently toting a black "pleather" laptop case, so anything is an upgrade.