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Land's End Squall Jacket

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    Land's End Squall Jacket

    I saw a picture on a blog recently and the guy was wearing a Baracuta G9 Herrington seen here:

    here is the link to the product on the company's website:

    I can't swing that price right now, especially with the shipping and I saw something similar from Land's End, the Squall Jacket:

    My question is, does anybody have any experience with the squall jacket, and is it worth it or would it be that much worth it to save up for the baracuda one? I really like the look of it for a casual fall jacket.


    The collars are totally different. It's nothing like a Harrington.



      Well it is the closest thing that I have found so far. If you have a better suggestion for a knock-off by all means, let me know.



        Not much left, but if you happen to be a large. I have it in navy and it's an amazing jacket.



          I also have the LL Bean jacket that DrBenji posted but in the khaki color and I love it. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it too.



            Thanks guys, I'll have to check that out. I'm also going to check out some thrift stores around town and see what I can find.



              Here are a few options for you:

              1. Eddie Bauer Featherweight Jacket - has the harrington style collar and short length. Has bi-swing arms in the back though, which you may not like (looks vented):

     (I paid $35, 30% off deal may or may not still be running)

              2. Ebay Harrington Jackets:



              3. Other small shop sources:





                @zerostyle: thanks man, that is some fine research.

                I should have just titled this "Barracuta Harrington Knockoffs"



                  I picked up a knock off jacket from the thrift store today. I'm pretty happy with it. Here are some pics:



                    I got a Ben Sherman Harrington for $100 from ebay a little while back. It's easily my favorite fall jacket now. Wore it on Saturday and got nothing but compliments.

                    I don't know this brand, but here's some for even cheaper.




                      I ordered the warrior one a few days ago just to get a feel for them. Looks promising though, however the sleeve length they had posted made it sound like it was designed for a T-rex. Thankfully it's a fraction of the cost of a baracuta.



                        @shad0w4life: Let me know how how that works out. I got the one in khaki from the thrift store, but I'd really like it in another color also. Did you order it from ebay or from their website?



                          As a bonus, it does double duty as part of that Walter White Halloween costume.