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new posts 40% off one item *This Weekend Only*, $25 Off $50 Code, Free Ship

    Definitely think it deserves it's own thread and lots of deals to snag. Got the Cashmere Scarf mentioned by Joe a few weeks ago for only $36. ED&icid=&rte=%252Fstore%252Fcatalog%252Ftemplates% 252FP4E.jhtml%253FitemId%253Dcat000002%2526parentI d%253Dcat000002%2526N%253D4294967141%252B429496682 3%2526menuPath%253Dcat000000_cat000002_cat000002

    40% off one item *This Weekend Only* Plus $25 Off $50 Code and Free Ship No Minimum

    Extra codes to make this deal much sweeter.

    FBOFFER - $25 off your $50 or more purchase

    FRSHIP - Free Shipping with No minimums

    ***Suggested*** 4% Cashback from FatWallet

    ***Maybe*** 5% Cashback from Discover Quarterly Bonus.

    The 40% off one item, $25 off $50 code, and free shipping all stack together! If the my FW and Discover Cashbacks also come true, it's a cherry on top!

    Disclaimer: Offer valid now through October 14, 2012, at Savings will be reflected at checkout. Cannot be combined with any other sales, coupons, or promotions. Excludes merchandise more deeply discounted. Excludes Fashion Dash™, Final Calls, and Spot-On Savings Clearance. Other exclusions may apply. Interim markdowns may have been taken. No adjustments for prior purchases. Online offer ends October 15, 2012, at 8 a.m. CT.



    I just picked up that brown check trim fit shirt + a pack of argyle socks for 25$ shipped.



      Thanks for the tip! I've been looking for a pair of affordable chukka boots and got these for just over $46 shipped.



        I picked up the same chukkas this morning bosco. Couldn't pass up the price ... hope the quality is good!



          What do you guys think about this shirt:

 %253D0%2526Ntt%253Dhickey%2526_requestid%253D28771 &eItemId=prod3540045&cmCat=search

          Not versatile enough? Cause damn... it's inexpensive, perfect for a fall/winter or even spring date night, and it's friggin' Hickey Freeman.



            @jb173: Honestly? Not a fan of black shirts. I've retired the one or two I had.



              @Alan: Honesty is always preferable. Thanks for your opinion! Can you elaborate on why you have stopped wearing black shirts?



                Darker shirts just look odd, in most cases. Especially since your tie will either be lighter than the shirt (looks bad) or the tie will be dark enough that it just blends in and you can't tell its there (looks bad).



                  Black shirts look very dated and/or guido. Very Regis Philbin from 10 years ago.



                    A black or brown button up with dark denim isn't so bad, but I think it's a dated look, unless you're in Vegas.



                      I would not wear the shirt with a suit/tie, though - since I only work as a research assistent (I'm currently working towards my Bachelor's degree) - but with dark denim or a dark chino on, say, a date night.

                      However, the verdict seems to be unanonymous...