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Affordable Slim Fit Leather Bomber Jacket?

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    Affordable Slim Fit Leather Bomber Jacket?

    Does anyone know of any affordable leather bomber jackets that are worth while? I'm looking for a nice slim fit or fitted look. Preferably with a spread color like in the possibilities below.

    Or they worth looking into or will they just be too cheap in your estimations?

    ASOS Leather Bomber Jacket ($175) (click here)

    Famous Jackets Slim Fit Leather Bomber ($139.99) (click here)


    Are you looking in the $100 to $200 range? I don't have any specific suggestions, but I'll comment on leather jackets around those prices (I have a pretty wide range).

    You will find some decent cowhide jackets. It'll be coarser, and buttons / snaps will be what you would expect from a "cheaper" jacket, but it'll work, and it won't look bad.

    Leather is one of those things that really lasts, though, so if you can swing a bit more money, it is well worth it to step up to a slightly more expensive one. The biggest thing, other than overall construction quality, is that my "nicer" leather jackets all have much softer leather, making them a lot more comfortable to wear.

    That said, I have a "beater" leather jacket in my closet that I think cost under $200, and for what it cost, it's held up just fine.


      #3 isplay=123

      I know nothing about them but there are some cool jackets here. This was posted on reddit FrugalMaleFashion page.



        zara has some nice looking ones in the range you are looking for + free ship/return



          I rummaged through some of my preferred Army/Navy surplus sites and found some things you might be interested in. These all match the style (though perhaps not necessarily the slim fit) you're looking for but are all above $200 by either a little bit or a lot.

          In order of price from lowest to highest:




          I can't speak to the objective quality of these jackets (all of my leather jackets have thus far come from thrift stores and I'm no expert on leather quality) but these are all websites that I've purchased from in the past and I've had no problems with in terms of quality or speed of delivery.


            I really like this bomber leather jacket....