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    Your Style Rules

    The name is a play on words I suppose, but I am wondering if you guys have a universal tip or rule(s) you go by as you are working with your style.

    While we are Dappered readers, I know from reading the threads and comments that there are a variety of styles here in our community.

    So post a thing or two that you want other people to know that you think is something to consider or that is important to making your style. It can be a simple "No graphic T's," or "Logos are great, but only if they are smaller than a quarter coin." Or I would love to see something like, "Always throw a standout item or accessory in like a bold pattern pocket square."

    Just kind of rules you like in your style rulebook, so to speak. Share as many little things as you'd like, or describe a whole bunch a ways that you make the outfits and purchases each day. Describe your style in its entirety if you want, from casual to formal.

    My Style Rules:

    I'll say first that I personally am not a big colors guy (unlike my roommate who has a closet full of neon American Eagle polos!), so I tend to keep fairly muted. I naturally find that I am pleased by a palette of blacks, whites, and grays, and the color range is pretty limited to navy, neutrals, and earth tones. My shoes are either classic brown leathers, black, gray, or white. I have exceptions like light blue oxfords and maybe the tie can be a color, but the most pattern you'll catch in my ties is from the knit pattern in some of them (I stick pretty solid on ties with only very fine pattern details at biggest). A common outfit would be a white buttoned up shirt, a black cardigan, off white-ish wheat or stone color chinos, and a pair of Frye Greene Lows( ).

    So mine was pretty long, but that is a basic rule about my color schemes. I'd love to here a rule/tip or two from others. Love patterns? Bold colors? Leather? Ties or bow ties? Let us know!

    Sorry if this thread exists. Did a search but didn't see it.


    I think my general rules coincide with what a lot of people on here think. Classic style is timeless. But make it your own.

    I always aim to feel comfortable in what I'm wearing (even if something else that I have maybe looks better together traditionally).

    My biggest thing, that I've mentioned on here several times, is that trying too hard looks contrived. If you're not a scarf guy, don't wear a scarf, same with a pocket square. If you don't think you are, try one but don't over think it and see if it feels natural. When you start breaking down the minutiae of your outfit (e.g., to find the perfect shade of brown shoe that is somewhere between light brown and walnut, but not cognac, that would balance out your shirt perfectly) I think we lose a little sight of something. I'm not saying that people here do that, just a general opinion.

    Mine is long too.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      Well, I'm still working this out for myself...

      I definitely gravitate to classic styles... Love tweeds and herringbone. I like hats but it's really hit and miss. The only one I've found that really looks good on me is a driving cap I got.

      However, I've also found that I love colors and patterns in my shirts. I like to have pops of color that catch the eye. So I guess that's not so classic, but whatever.

      One quote I found that I love is “A businessman matches his socks to his trousers while a gentleman matches his socks to his mood.” and I've been living by that with colorful socks.



        Classic & Prep mixed with my urban appeal are always my standards. I love classic and Prep and i grew up in the hood so i can always incorporate something into the styles that make it my own. It was tough at first but i got better and still mess up every nowe and then but oh well...Style is taking something you see and like and making into your own.

        BUt a really basic rule i follow no matter what i wear is balance in color and making sure that contrast is always accounted for.

        If I am wearing a dark top, then bottom needs to be light, or vice versa.

        "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



          My style for suits is definitely understated 50's and 60's Italian. It's all about the fit. I like them with a little room when buttoned, but the shoulders have to have a softer shape.

          I come from an Italian heritage and inherited most of style 'Likes' from my grandfather. He would always just dress better for everyday things. Going to the grocery store? Khaki's, penny loafers, oxford, and windbreaker. Oh - and don't forget the leather driving gloves.

          This is the kind of attitude towards looking better I'm trying to bring back into the world.



            Be yourself!



              I'm in advertising and there isn't as much suits involved as there were in Don Draper's day. I like classic styles like shawl collar cardigans and thick sweaters with a casual shirt in modern colors, but still in classic patterns.

              I have a collection of dark wash jeans, grey and dark blue slim trousers, and slim tobacco/ red/ green colored canvas pants. I like to always wear loud (by most ppl's standards) socks. Besides my socks, normally I wear one item that pops with color...could be my pants, or my shirt, or a tie, or maybe just a sliver of a pocket square in a bright mint color. I love how that breaks with all the grey and the dark rinses.