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    Frost River bags

    I just stumbled across Frost River. After a bit of searching, I've found their duffle bag was featured as a giveaway on Dappered a while back. I've been looking around their site and their stuff seems pretty decent, and decently-priced. Frost River's products are all apparently hand-made in Duluth, Minnesota.






    Looks a lot like Filson at a much friendlier price.



    Yup. I have the Explorer duffel and it might be my favorite thing I own, period. The waxed canvas is just incredible, and only looks better with every trip. It's just a ridiculously handsome piece of luggage. I only wish I had somewhere to take it every weekend!



      @brooklyn87 - which size did you get? Small, carry-on, medium, or large? I'm looking at the carry-on size so I can take it on the plane - any experience stuffing it into overhead bins?



        I'm sure you won't be surprised by my comment here, Ben: I prefer the aesthetic of Duluth Pack, personally. That being said, Frost River has a good reputation and I believe is a bit cheaper.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          $70 seems kinda steep for some oven mitts!



            I echo brooklyn 100%. I have the explorer in the carry-on and LOVE IT TO PIECES. it gets complimented constantly, and is maybe my favorite belonging. i love the look, what it stands for, just everything. the carry on size is plenty large



              @90Shilling - I have the carry-on, and it's the perfect size - fits easily into overhead compartments, but is still plenty big enough for most trips.