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    Semi-Casual Shoes

    First off I want to thank all of you, I have been following Dappered for the last 6 months or so and it has been a great benefit for my closet, maybe not my wallet.

    I am looking for a semi-casual shoe to wear with a blazer and jeans, not a chukka, I have 2 different pair of those. I do not know how to explain exactly what it is I am looking for, but I feel I will know it when I see it.


    @David: a blucher type shoe could be the cross between casual and business for you.



      How about a Wingtip? Some examples below from low to high: ept20000018&N=270&topDim=Brand&topDimvalue=staffor d&dimCombo=Brand%7C&dimComboVal=stafford%7C&curren tDim=Brand&currentDimVal=stafford

      or an oxford:



        @acousticfoodie - not quite up on my shoe terms, is a blucher similar to an oxford. is something I found.

        @Juan - thanks for the suggestions. I like the florsheim. Never owned AE, I know people here rave about them. The price hurts though...




          Hey david, blucher is just a term for the construction of how the leather brings together the laces. The style that you linked to or another example is this:

          It is a little bit more casual (Although you could definitely wear nice polished bluchers for formal events b/c 99% of people won't even notice the difference) than a balamoral which where the flaps come together evenly at the laces like this:



            Maybe these?

            There's a 40% off thing going on at last call right now and it stacks with FBOFFER ($25 off your $50 or more purchase) & FRSHIP (Free shipping with no minimum) so it comes down to a total of $41 + tax.



              What 's your price range?

              These are probably the most versatile shoes I own. They work with everything that isn't a suit (and I could probably get away with certain suits even):

     se&utm_medium=Google&utm_campaign=_8032%20%20%203E %20105&CAWELAID=1470485960&%22cagpspn=pla%22



                Those are both very nice shoes thanks @Ryan s and @kbrown. love the price on the lastcall website, just doesn't quite seem like it is pulling me in. the AE shoes are very nice, but I am looking to stay in the 100 or less category most likely.



         kind of like these, not sure about the brand though.



                    From the last call sale, I like these:


                    Very versatile, since they can be easily dressed up or down. The come out to $94.40 shipped with the automatic 40% deduction when added to cart and combined with these codes: FBOFFER ($25 off your $50 or more purchase) & FRSHIP (Free shipping with no minimum).



                      So this morning I checked these out they were only available in the 12, then just now there was apparently only 1 pair of 9's because once I ordered them it went back to 12's only. Thanks for the info on the extra codes! got them for 60 bucks shipped.