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guideline for wearing button downs: roll, tuck, tie?

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    guideline for wearing button downs: roll, tuck, tie?

    What are your guys' guidelines when wearing a button up/down shirt w/out a blazer?

    Combos: (when wearing)

    - your shirt untuck - sleeves rolled?

    - if untucked/ rolled - do you wear a tie?

    - shirt tucked in - Sleeves rolled?

    - tie or no tie?

    Reason I'm asking - I'm wearing a target everyday shirt n jeans and not sure if untucked/ rolled sleeves/ no tie looks right.


    It all depends when and where you are wearing the articles of clothing. Here is how I do it:

    Work: Tucked, sleeves rolled up (I am in So Cal so it helps with the heat). I italian roll my sleeves for longevity. Here is how

    If I am wearing a tie, I always tuck in my shirt regardles of where I am at (work or play).

    Play: I usually am untucked when running errands or playing with my son. If going out on a date with my wife, tucked for sure.



      I never wear an untucked button down shirt. I think it looks sloppy. I only wear untucked polos and tshirts. Tucked shirt looks fine with sleeves rolled or unrolled. I roll the sleeves just like @CJJ. I would never ever wear an untucked shirt with a tie...that's a high school kid look.



        Button up tucked in - Work/Church/More formal events

        Button up untucked - Only if its more of a casual pattern with a shorter length

        Button down tucked in - Casual fridays at the office

        Button down untucked - Socializing, "going out", length must not be too long

        Target everyday shirt: I have the checkered one and I love to wear that untucked with jeans with the sleeves rolled up below the elbow. I wouldn't wear it to the office unless casual friday. The everyday shirts are pretty short in length which makes it perfect for leaving untucked.

        By the way I'm 24. I don't like to look like an old man by tucking in my button downs for casual situations



          Assuming your shirt fits, you won't look like an old man - you'll just look like you have your shit together.



            Tuck in: If it hangs below your crotch.

            Roll up sleeves: if it is hot.

            Tie: Only if tucked. Actually, only if you're wearing a jacket; if you wear a tie and no jacket, you look like a highschool teacher from the 90s.

            I would avoid wearing a tie if you're wearing jeans most of the time.



              I personally don't do a tie with nothing over it (sweater, vest, jacket), but it can look just fine if all the details are in order. I think it is actually more challenging to pull that off. I've seen some stylish fellas do it. Fit on the shirt and pants are more crucial than usual with that look. Also the tie width has to be just right. Tie bar helps.

              As for a tie and jeans, I like the dressed up yet dressed down look. Tie and jeans work just fine.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano