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Canadians: affordable source for cutaway collars?

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    Canadians: affordable source for cutaway collars?

    Aside from MTM (that's in the works), do any of my fellow Canucks have a line on affordable, slim (e.g., BB ESF, H&M, Zara, etc. fits) dress shirts with cutaway or wide spread collars.

    I have had luck at H&M a couple of times with spread collars, but the quality doesn't really warrant the price.

    I have a long neck, and I have been told (and generally agree) that a spread or cutaway collar evens out my look. I am yet to encounter that look here very often.

    Charles Tyrwhitt shirts come out to just under $50 CAD with their 'buy 4 for 100 GBP', though I fear brokerage and duty fees.

    I was in Calgary the other weekend and took a trip to one of the Express stores there but was disappointed with their shirts.

    The answer is probably right under my nose, but I figure it couldn't hurt to ask.


    Lib, I'm in Calgary and I've gone MTM route now pretty much all the time.

    CT shirts you will get dinged Duty on pretty good, about %23 added to the price if you're in Alberta. So the cheapest way to order them is to get the shirts as cheap as possible and pay more for shipping, lowers the duties.

    And 100 GBP is about $150 so it's $50 AFTER duties, however they will most likely require some form of tailoring. However I am not more of a fabric snob for shirts, CT do feel quite nice compared to most of my MTM, but don't fit nearly as well.

    I personally dislike express, really really over priced for the quality and amount of work,about $110 for 2 shirts or so is absurd. The one I did have the button fell off after first wash.

    You could try thomas jeffrey or harry rosen, you'd be paying about $170 a shirt, but I believe the Zegna shirts come with full alterations included and the fabric is very nice.



      Do you have a "Le Chateau" where you live or are they just in Quebec? I don't know about their quality, they have a lot of awful stuff and they're usually pricy, but I'm pretty sure they have spread collars there.

      Also, there's a few possibilities at The Bay :



        Jessy, Le Chateau stuff usually looks pretty good but doesn't last. They have nice fits and all, but don't expect more than a season.



          The only thing I bought there was my winter overcoat a few years ago. I still like it a lot and except some fraying at the cuffs, it's still in good shape.



            Thanks for the info. I can never find anything but tents at The Bay but I have to make a trip to the mall anyway.

            @Shadow - thanks for the CT info. I may gamble yet.