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Hidden Button Down collar: Wurkinstiffs alternative?

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    Hidden Button Down collar: Wurkinstiffs alternative?

    Hi All,

    Any thoughts on the hidden buttondown collar?

    Example: ""

    The button closure can be a buttonhole only on the inner layer of the collar, or simply a loop.

    Seems like a nice alternative to Wurkinstiffs, and so far I like it.

    2 criticisms I can think of:

    1. (without tie, and top button unbuttoned) It can be sufficiently straight-up, to appear like the top button is buttoned, or the "invisible tie" look. But I think that was just the first time out of the box.

    2. The button closure is weaker by not coming through to the outside of the collar and latching around, and thus easier to inadvertently detach. Personally haven't had trouble with this though.

    I'm considering DIYing it into another shirt to see how easy that is. (Definitely with the loop, rather than the button hole.) Just a loop made of scrap, and sewing a button. Placement needs to be precise, of course.

    Interested in opinions!


    I don't own one but I think hidden button down collars are fairly noticeable. Maybe I have just encountered some really bad ones but the collars never seem to stay straight and the shirt loses its crisp look. I guess it depends on where you plan on wearing your shirts, but I personally wouldn't do it if you plan on wearing any ties.



      Thanks for the reply. Just curious: what do you find negatively noticeable about them?

      In other words, does the shape of a button-down collar (inherently curved compared to a crisp non-button-down) look out of place when it's not visibly a button-down collar? Or do they look otherwise "off"?

      Regarding the tie, that's true: I see them mostly as useful when not wearing a tie, to keep the collar from sagging. With a tie, they could be left unbuttoned with none the wiser, but maybe they are too floppy for that.



        Why don't you like wurkin stiffs? Bought my first pair the other day and love them. Just curious.




          Your explanation is spot-on.

          Also, if you leave them unbuttoned while wearing a tie, you run the risk of seeing the buttons awkwardly in the space between the collar and shirt.

          I also received my first pair this week and they work like a charm. A little expensive, but a worthy investment.



            I guess you prompted me to answer my own question.

            I was mostly considering this vs. Wurkin Stiffs because of:

            1. Money savings

            2. Possibility of losing magnets and extra step every day of removing and replacing them on the day's shirt. (a weak argument in retrospect)

            3. If effective, a pretty easy and unique DIY

            At this point though, I think I'll just give Wurkin Stiffs a shot.




              I was able to pick up a single set of wurkin stiffs (2 collar stays with 3 magnets, 1 is a spare) for $15 at my local Nordstrom Rack. They had sets in the 2.5in and 3.0in sizes. I got the 2.5in and I really don't need more than just the one set, so total out of pocket wasn't too much. If I lose a magnet I will probably spring for a set of extra magnets.

              However, the only time I lose a magnet is when my lady friends are being cute and pull my collar, otherwise they are really, really strong.



                Thanks for the tip, $15 sounds pretty reasonable.



                  Wurkin Stiffs cost a goddamn FORTUNE online. I should check at Nordstrom Rack, thanks!