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Another fall wingtip boot

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    Another fall wingtip boot

    I'm looking at wingtip boots, and have decided between 2 of the more affordable options. I was curious if anyone had experience with either and could comment on sizing and quality.



    The Aldos look very clunky compared to the BR ones. You may want to check out Saks Off Fifth as well, they had a Cole Haan wingtip boot that was around 120. If there's a Cole Haan outlet near you, they are doing a 40-50% off sale on everything.



      I own the Blake, in Navy (which is apparently sold out)

      I also own AE daltons, which is a very similar boot. My thoughts:

      - EU sizing. Runs a bit large. My "size 9" is labelled 42 EU, but it fits more loosely than my dalton in 9E.

      - Leather is OK, not great.

      - Not worth it for $175. I paid $75 for it, and it was a steal.

      - Overall construction seems solid, but it's still a cheap shoe. The leather isn't top grain, and the sole appears to be glued on (could be a hidden seam, but I doubt it).

      - Overall ft is quite comfortable. Not as comfortable as the daltons, but much more comfortable than most cheaper shoes that I own.

      - Styling is definitely clunkier than the dalton; thicker / wider sole.

      I highly recommend the aldo *if* you're buying the dark brown version listed for $77. The cognac at $175 is not a good buy. I'd expect these shoes to last 2-3 years if you take good care of them, and that's about it.

      I don't own any BR shoes, but I tried on a pair of their wingtips in store and the jagged part near the stitching seemed iffy.

      The BR has a rubber sole, so it's a bit better for wet weather, though I doubt either of those boots will hold up that well if they get really soaked.



        Really don't like the big, crater-sized broguing on those Mr. Bs.... just weird. BR shoes look strangely flat up front. I'm gonna pimp the Sebago Hamiltons once more. Grippy, good for wet weather, nice leather, nice color (looks good beaten up and also cleaned up). Holding up quite well one year in.



          I agree with @LosRockets, I don't like the broguing on the Mr. Bs. Between those two choices, the BR one looks much nicer. Quality should be okay but not great on both. If you want better quality without a substantial price increase, then I would recommend the Florsheim Hawley. I think you can get it for 20% off from Amazon or direct from Florsheim with coupons available on retailmenot.



            I actually like those Dark Brown Mr. B's. However, I've never had a good experience with Aldo shoes. Leather is always cheap. Would be interested in checking these out though for only $75. Maybe wait until they do addt'l off sale. It happens often.

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              Not letting me buy them at $75 (wont ship to my US zip) The US site still has them at $175...



                Like kbrown, I also own a pair of Daltons and Mr. B's, and while the Mr. B's are no where near the same level as the Daltons, they are a great casual boot with jeans. The Mr. B line as a whole seems to be a significant step up from Aldo shoes in general. Even many posters at styleforums have given the Mr. B line some love.

                I would say that they are better constructed and use better leather than the BR Grayson boot.



                  The Aldos are definitely clunkier than AE Daltons, I have both and posted comparison pics in a prior thread. I do randomly get people who compare the Mr. Bs to 'fancy combat boots' and wouldn't consider them very dressy. The Mr. Bs go well with jeans or tough chinos (think alpha khakis) and a flannel shirt. I actually wish the Mr. Bs had a rubber commando sole, as I would get more use out of them. I won't be trying to wear them with a suit anytime soon. At sub-$100 I think they are a really good deal for a knock around boot.

                  Never had any experience with the BRs, but I don't usually buy middle grade stuff - I see they have a rubber sole, just like the JCP boot everyone loves, and if I was in the market I would probably lean towards that at $60 and save the money for something else (like, if you do want something nicer, saving up and getting a pair of Daltons, maybe even in cordovan)



                    I am not familiar with Aldo's shoes but I am with BRs and my experience has not been good. I've owned a couple pairs of shoes from them and the quality is lacking (sole falling off, uncomfortable after wearing for a few hours, leather develops odd discoloration) and I would think twice about spending more then $50 on shoes from them.

                    I pulled the trigger yesterday on the JCP boots that have been getting some love from Joe and some of the guys areound here. To me $60 for a pair of knockaround boots is a low risk purchase.



                      If you are looking for affordable, you might consider the Stafford ones from JCP that Joe featured on the site.

                      I'd also hunt around for a J&M or Cole Haan sale before buying Aldo, that's my personal opinion though.

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                        The Aldo shoes seem large to me (and I don't think they do half sizing). I have a pair of 10s (I think) that are sitting up in my closet and have never been worn. Somehow lost my original receipt so I haven't been able to return them. After my wedding this weekend (and honeymoon) I'm going to be posting them for sale here on the forums.



                          @ kid, what color are they in, and what would you be looking for them?



                            Out of those two I like the BR boots. If you can slap a 40% off code (Makes them 87 I do not know if they are exempt from code) to the price I would pull the trigger if I had the money. Though, I am seriously considering buying the sebago hamiltons (like the waterproof on them + look) if I can get them for the right price. Then again im poor and if I just want the look I might as well get the stafford camlins for $60 (used to be $70). After all the stafford cap toes look very very nice and I have no problem with scuffing them up and would buy another pair with ease.



                              I don't have experience with either of those brands, but both are similar to the Sebago Hamilton which I do own. My Hamilton's are by far the most comfortable shoes I own. I would highly recommend them to anyone.