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    508s were much too loose in the seat/thigh for me, however for a bigger guy they would probably be perfect.

    Keep in mind that there is high variability in a single cut of Levi's denim, and that different washes/fabrics/etc, will all fit differently. That's what is confusing to so many about, say, the 514s.

    For someone with a 34" waist, 514s will probably be bang-on in the 'slim and modern' look for denim, while someone with a 28" waist will have a completely different experience. That's a result of different body types, different fabrics, and different patterns within the same garment. The leg opening on a 38" waist pair of 514s cannot be the same as a 29" pair. The cut wouldn't be the same. Conversely, keeping a straight cut on a narrower waist inevitably means a wider leg for men with very slim measurements.

    If only I could find a pair of Levi's like the 1950's-fantasy-land-image that exists in my mind...



      You're exactly right. A leg opening of XX" means one thing for a 28" waist and another for a 34" waist. I think this is where it's more helpful to just try them on in person.

      You can order a bunch of sizes and fits and return whatever doesn't work.



        Yeah its crazy how levi simply has one leg opening measurement for all sizes. Clearly someone who wears size 28 waste will have a different size leg opening than someone with a 42 inch waste. Also, I thought the levi 505 was the 501 but with a zip fly. The leg opening measurements are different according to levi. I guess it pays off to actually go to the store and try on a bunch of sizes which is kind of a hassle plus Im not one to pay B&M prices. Its crazy how levi has been around so long and so many people still don't really have any real answers on fit, although I know they recently revamped everything.



          I don't think that's fair to say. Levi makes a pant for virtually everyone - you just have to discover which one is right for you. If you don't like store prices, buy online with free shipping and return in store to spare return shipping costs.

          If their leg openings (among other variables) changed with the waist and inseam, you'd find even more production inconsistencies than they already have.



            None of the Levi's fit perfectly all over.

            Get the 514s tapered from the knee down.



              I don't mean to harp on the topic, but why not get the 513 if you're going to do that?



                I think he's speaking in reference to the OP who said he already owns two pairs of the 514s that cannot be returned, though he mentioned that they fit great at the thigh. Certainly worth tapering them - the hem needs to be removed to taper the leg anyway. A few minutes at the tailor and you'll have two pairs of great fitting jeans.



                  Hi I have a question about this exact jean. I am new to this site and forum. I see that Joe mentioned the 514's in his post about the JCP jeans @ JC Penny recently. Anyway, I am starting to take my image more seriously and dress more like a grown man, not a teenager with jeans and t's anymore. As I mentioned before Joe wrote about these Levi's 514's in his post and I was wondering what wash to get and how everyone thinks they fit? Are they true to size? Do most people go up or down a size, that sort of thing.

                  Thanks so much. And so I am really enjoying the site.



                    If you use the search tool at the top right of the page, you will get an idea of how the community views them. They are perpetually on sale, available at a variety of stores, come in a variety of dark washes (e.g. 'tumbled rigid', which is frequently mentioned), and are usually a good cut that doesn't look too 'trendy'.

                    In general, people buy their waist size or slightly below, as denim tends to stretch as a fabric. Washing, or more importantly drying, helps to shrink denim back down after wear, but is a no-no when it comes to preserving the dark wash look of the jean. As mentioned in this thread, fabric type, wash, etc. affect the fit of a garment, and Levi's also manufactures these jeans in a number of countries - fit may vary. Your best bet is to, as Nicholas says, order a few sizes and keep the best fit, or simply try them on in store.

                    Better to order an inseam too long and cuff/hem the leg than have too short of a pant. There is no seam allowance at the factory hem.

                    Like everything, you won't really know until you try them on. Oh, and if you do grab a pair, please cut off that cardboard size label on the waistband before you wear them.



                      Try 511 slim fits? I have very skinny legs and they fit very well.

                      Check out KOHLS.