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    Gold Jewelry?

    Hello fellow gentlemen, I was doing a lot of searching and came up with no matches. So I pose to you this question, how do you feel about men wearing gold jewelry? Gaudy or grand? Pretentious or posh? Tacky or tasteful? Lol your thoughts please.


    I feel like a lot of members on here are more conservative, but IMO gold will never go out of style. Gold is classic. It dates back ages. With that said, you have to be tasteful with it. Don't overdo it. A simple gold watch is ok. Bracelets, rings, etc...isn't my style, but I don't see anything wrong with a nice gold watch.

    "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen



      Depends on the jewelery. I'm a believer that a man's jewelery should be limited to watches, cufflinks and wedding/military/super bowl/world series rings. However, anything that has personal significance to you can and should be worn without worrying what others think. An ex bought me a gold link bracelet and I wore it (at least until we broke up).

      I default to silver, but a gold watch peaking out from a shirt sleeve is a nice, subtle and nowadays unexpected touch. Mr. T necklaces are not subtle (tasteful). A 50mm gold watch is not subtle either (gaudy).

      I guess the long-winded point is, nearly anything can be tasteful with the correct approach. This includes gold jewelery.



        I've always gone with silver but I've just recently started to love the way gold looks. Can you mix the two though? I have a silver wedding ring and it seems odd to wear a gold watch, tie bar, or any other gold accessory as it seems to clash with my wedding ring.




          I feel like the wedding ring is neutral. My wedding band is gold, but the tie bar I usually wear is not. My wedding band doesn't "match" anything else, including my watch. I consider the wedding band a free pass.



            Thanks cforsyth! That's kind of what I figured since for most men you'll only ever have one wedding ring. However I must admit I was considering pulling a Steve McQueen and wearing my watch on the right arm if I got a gold one.



              @Stephen I always wear my watch on the right arm.

              As for gold jewelry, not my cup of tea, but I think it's fine on some individuals. However, I think the metals (tie bar, watch, belt buckle) should match. Wedding band doesn't count.



                Excellent input everyone, I ask because I am not particularly fond of wearing gold anything with the exception on my chain which is a modest size and was recently gifted with gold link bracelet the bracelet itself is very beautiful but being 24k gold it is also very bright and tends to attract a lot of unwanted attention. While I do like it I feel like it's size makes it bit on the gaudy side. Is there some other accessory I could wear to maybe offset the bracelet or am I just better off not wearing it?



                  @Stephen he did that because he was left handed



                    I have a gold stud/earing. Well, technically it's vermeil (sterling silver coated in 14kt yellow gold).

                    When it's time for me to start going to interviews I'll take it out, but I'm sure once I HAVE a job I'll put it right back in.

                    It's just a plain, round simple earing with a line/divet in the middle. It's basically meant to look like nail head.

                    Personally, i love this earring (why else would I wear it).

                    But its always a mix of personal taste AND style.

                    I know some people that love gold jewellery but over do it or it just doesn't suit them.

                    Again, the earring is small and subtle and easily ignored or forgotten. A cuban link bracelet or 30" rope chain is not.



                      @bremersm I'm left handed but have always worn my watch on the left wrist anyway. About Steve McQueen being left handed, I always thought so too. However I read a thread about this online somewhere and now I'm not so sure. The main reason is because he held his pistol with his right hand. I'm left handed and I shoot a shotgun or rifle right handed, but couldn't imagine trying to shoot a pistol with my right hand. I'm somewhat ambidextrous and still can't imagine shooting a pistol with my right, although I haven't completely ruled out that he may have been left handed or maybe just more ambidextrous than I am. I haven't found pictures but some people on that thread claimed to have seen pictures of him signing autographs with his right hand. Sorry to go off topic but this has been puzzling me lately.