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    Macys INC blazers

    I have 1 of these from a while back and liked it and I'm thinking of adding some more bar/club appropriate casual cheap blazers to my wardrobe. some crazy sales right now on a few. what do you guys think? Seem them? tried them on? Im looking at black cord or 1 of the greys in M.!fn=BRAND%3DINC%2520I nternational%2520Concepts%26sortBy%3DORIGINAL%26pr oductsPerPage%3D20&!qvp=iqvp

    CORD ND%3DINC%20International%20Concepts%26sp%3D1%26spc %3D26%26ruleId%3D27%26slotId%3D9



    For that price, try the jcrew cord jackets instead. The shoulders look much better.

    Black is risky. Every bit of lint shows up and its hard to wear with blues. Try something on a dark brown instead



      While the brown will probably work for almost anything, I'm really looking for a going out piece. Tan or brown + dance music doesn't seem to work in my head for some reason. Bars I think it would be fine.



        For going out, those work IMO. I'm not thrilled with the idea of an all ployester/rayon jacket, but I'd have to see it in person. It looks like it will mimic a worsted wool look more closely than something like cotton, so if that's what you're looking for, then it could be a good choice.

        The cord would probably work for your purposes as well. Obviously like kbrown said you'd need to stay away from most blues, but if you were planning on that anyway, I don't see the problem.

        As you can see from the pictures, the button cuffs are functional, so the arms will need to be right on as tailoring will be difficult.

        My measurements, for context--> Body Type: Slim/Skinny |​ Weight: 175 lbs | Height: 6'1" | Neck: 16” | Chest: 40” | Waist: 33.5” | Shoulder: 18.75” | Sleeve: 35.5” | Bicep: 12.75” | Wrist: 6.75”



          I got a full INC suit when I was at Macys a couple months back for $60. It has been very useful and fit very well otr, but I wouldnt pay anything more than likely $50-$60 for an INC blazer. You can get one at the $100+ range that is better quality for sure.



            Just tried on a few while I was out. The difference was only slight so it seemed. Maybe I'm just a noob.


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            The INC ones that I saw I didn't like. J crew only had 1 blazer type in stock measured by actual chest size and not S, M, L so its going to be a little risky to order one like that online. Anyone have experience with that?


            This is the only type they had and a 40r fit fine.



              looks like I missed the bigger BR sale gah cuz now I want it hahaha.



                What does this even mean??

                Special Savings

                Reg. $400.00

                Was $229.99

                Sale $199.99

                EXTRA 20% OFF

                $25 off $100 Purchase</blockquote>

                Just tell me what it costs!!!



                  @nicholascrawford and the codes don't seem to stack. Which makes it even more annoying.



                    codes for BR?