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    Challenge Issued


    First time poster here and I am in desperate need of some help. I am a second year law student attending a 50th Anniversary Gala at the school in about two weeks. The theme of aforementioned gala is "James Bond meets Don Draper." The plan is to wear my Navy Jcrew Thompson suit. But after that, I am drawing blanks. I have been told I always dress very sharply and dont want to disappoint here, but this theme has me puzzled. Working with about $100-$150 in the budget and I would love to here some thoughts on possible dress shirt, tie, (sweater?) combos. Help me get this done Fellas!

    Thanks in advance


    i will leave it to the other guys to give you specific recs, i will speak to the james bond meets don draper look. The person who created the theme should have specified which bond; but overall you can accomplish a great simple look. I think the draper is easier to accomplish than a bond aesthetic.

    wear a white semi spread button down and a maroon tie (plain, plaid, i dont really like paisley (personal pref), silver tie clip, white cotton pocket square, brown wings or caps, the socks IMO should be a convo starter, something that closely matches the tie IMO...match your metals and leathers...

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      Would almost say exactly what @MaxMan suggested except I would say a navy silk tie & brown wingtips. I honestly say keep it simple with the socks as well (Navy). This is a gala which means more reserved. By throwing the pocket square & tie clip, you'll be adding that touch of flair that you need. Just my opinion. As I tell everyone, do what's comfortable for you. You mentioned you're a stylish guy, so you can't go wrong with this clean look.

      "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen



        I'd suggest similar to MaxMan - white shirt, silver tie clip, white pocket square. A maroon tie would work, as would a solid black, navy, or charcoal, as long as it's on the slim side. But I'd dissent and say with stick black shoes. Black shoes and navy suit with a slim tie is a very '60s, JFK-ish look. IIRC Don Draper and co. wore black shoes almost exclusively, which makes sense since brown shoes were still considered very casual at that time.

        As for where you can get them... well, virtually anywhere. sells Neiman Marcus trim-fit shirts, which are my favorite. They are regularly $55 but with the regular 40% discounts, closer to $30. Target sells $25 dress shirts that aren't the best but can definitely work in a pinch, especially under a jacket where their slightly looser fit won't be an issue. If you have a Nordstrom Rack near you, you can find the Nordstrom brand shirts, which are also decent. This would also be a good place to look for ties, tie bars, pocket squares, etc.
 is a reliable place to get inexpensive ties. If you're smaller than average, something 2.5" in width should work. If you're bigger than average, 3" will be better. You want something slim but not skinny for this apparent '60s-oriented theme.

        I think also sells tie clips and pocket squares. For simple white squares, you can always buy a multi-pack of "handkerchiefs" from Target that will do the job. They usually sell these on an endcap near the men's clothing section with other men's accessories like wallets.

        Assuming you already own a pair of black dress shoes, getting the shirt, tie, tie bar, and pocket square for $100 or less should be pretty easy.




          James Bond meets Don Draper? Wierd... Yes, the Draper is easier to pull off than the Bond.

          dark suit/slim solid dark tie/dark shoes/white shirt/white pocket square




            Here's the best advice I can give you:

            Don't go.

            If the the theme is any indication, the event will be lame. The folks attending will be lame. Opportunities to network will be lame.

            Again, which sorority is in charge of the gala?



              Since Maxman and others pretty much nailed the get up I will just add you can channel Bond by drinking martinis and shooting whoever came up with such a derivative theme with your laser watch.

              Dress for style, live for results.



                +1 to TOmservo lol...

                "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                  I had a dream about this once...





           for ties and tie bars.

                    Maybe a knit tie or wool tie to mix it up but still keep it formal and simple?\

                    When in doubt, crisp white shirt and white pocket square is always, always a good call.

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                      I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned it, but you need to wear French cuffs. Draper and Bond are always rocking the French cuffs; it's practically the thing they have most in common. I think Bond (in general) rocks the tuxedo more often than Draper, and if you do go with the tuxedo, that almost immediately negates Draper in favor of full-on Bond, so I'd say stay away from the tuxedo. Black or navy blue suit; Bond doesn't usually wear brown or gray IIRC. But whatever it is, if it fits like a sack, stay home.



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