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how do you store dress shoes?

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    So far I've kept my ae's in their boxes with their shor bags and trees in them and have the rest on racks.



      If you've got access to a sewing machine, you can MAKE your own shoe bags pretty cheaply. Just get whatever kind of felt (or other fabric) you want and sew together some shoe-sized rectangles with an opening on one end.

      I leave shoe trees in my best shoes, and I've got one pair of shoes in the shoe bag they came with. The rest might get a little dusty, but I swipe them with a clean shoe brush before I wear them, so it's not a problem.




        FWIW, I only use shoe bags when I'm traveling.



          Im with Alan on the shoe bags, let the leather breathe...

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            Here's what I did. I split the shelves into even smaller shelves to fit in more shoes.

            As you can see, my wife took up most of the space... and then some. the plastic bins and the shelf in the back are all her shoes, too.

            Not all the shelves are the same height. I did this to maximize space since some shoes are taller than others. I figure I was able to fit in at least 2 extra shelves this way. They're deep enough that I can't see how dust would be an issue.



              Juan said it, I think, but don't store leather shoes in boxes.

              ... or at least that's what I've always been lead to believe.



                If your shoes get dusty, you aren't wearing them enough. I suggest not owning shoes that you don't wear at least once a month in season.

                You can buy bags from craft stores that will work for shoes.

                Dust brushes off easily.



                  Oh, and buy shoe trees. I suggest josabank during those ridiculous buy one get two sales. They're the same as the Allen Edmonds solid toe versions. Inferior to split toe, but much better than newspaper.




                    Just wondering, what makes the split toe superior to the solid? I was always under the impression that it was the other way around. Thanks!



                      Split toe expands to the width of the shoe where the solid tend to barely put any form into the shoe from my limited experience

                      I have 1 Euro style split, 1 solid and rest are normaly cheapy $10 split toes

                      solid just doesn't seem to be meant to do anything besides absorb moisture.



                        Solid toe is superior if it's an exact fit for your shoe (i.e. it's crafted based on the last). That's extremely rare, and usually only comes with the shoes.

                        A solid toe is better than a split toe designed for a different shoe.



                          I have a pair of split toes that were actually made for the specific shoes they're in. They're absolutely fantastic.



                            @Alan nice work. I'm inspired now to head to Lowe's this weekend and get something built.

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                              Er, I meant a split toe is better than a solid toe for the wrong shoe.



                                Well it is still somewhat of a mess as I moved in recently, but here is my current shoe storage. Some in the drawers and boxes up above. I will likely move them out of the boxes into drawers eventually. And then some on the shoe rack.

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