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Brown belt? Check. What next?

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    started a topic Brown belt? Check. What next?

    Brown belt? Check. What next?

    My everyday belt is a basic $30 Gap brown leather belt. I like it fine and it works great, but I'm definitely feeling the need to get something else to mix it up a bit (I also have a standard black dress belt but don't think it goes that well with jeans and chinos). Given I pretty much wear only jeans and chinos (very casual workplace), what do you guys suggest for my next belt? I like the look of the Bonobos canvas belts, but at $50 a pop I'm hoping for something a bit more affordable. What about color? A solid tan or gray canvas belt would look good with my jeans and Clarks desert boots, but probably not so great with chinos. On the other hand, a solid navy canvas belt would look good with chinos, but not very good with jeans, correct? I'm think that perhaps a striped navy/gray canvas belt might be a good blend of the two? Or would the braided leather belt also be good? Ideally I'll eventually have multiple casual belts but I'm just wondering what the Dappered community thinks the next step is after a basic brown belt.