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    Actually, the prices are quite appropriate. Most of the stuff is diffusion lines, very old, and/or used.

    Take for example this Burberry Cashmere Silk Houndstooth Sport Coat 42R for $90 (possibly less 25% plus shipping?)

    Great price right? But the are two obvious issues

    A: At least 12 years old, as the tag was changed from Burberrys' to Burberry in 1999.

    B: Used. "Flawless As New" = "Used". If it isn't 'flawless', I'm leery of the returns process from an unknown site.

    The same thing is true for the Armani blazer's (The "Mani" tag was for a diffusion line that was discontinued ages ago). Some of the other items are from cheap diffusion lines.

    I'm sure there are some great deals to be had, just buyer beware. I'd stay away unless you know your stuff.



      @ Cannon my fault I'm told I'm casual to the point of being rude no big.



        The blazer came in today. It's just as advertised and very well made. It's a bit tight through the shoulders and chest, but my tailor says she can take out the shoulder and back seams and give me enough room. Gia at Conticouture also included a khaki colored, hand-sewn Polo tie, so that was cool.

        Here's a pic (sorry, not very good):

        I'd say this is like shopping from eBay, but the prices are better and I had a very good experience. They still have the 25% off clearance sale through the rest of September, so it's worth a look in my opinion.



          I don't think that jacket looks tight in the shoulders at all.



            Yeah, it was a bit... It was bunching around the bottom of the armhole in the back right. It won't take much to get it fitting better and more comfortable through the shoulders though.



              interesting, its just like ebay, cant knock the hustle, i will give it a go soon...

              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                I got an email from conticouture with a 40% off code if anyone is interested: 'FALL40CC'

                Just tell Gia I sent you please, so maybe she'll kick me some special deals



                  @Jason Too late just bought 2 hickey freeman blazers couldn't resist.




                    Looks like Conticouture reads this forum. After my post, all pictures of the tags have been removed.



                      This website is a not legit. Ordered a suit from them since December and still have not received it. Tried contacting them via email and phone and the only reply i recievd was that there was a mixup with my order and I would recieve it shortly. Requested a refund and left numerous messages on their voicemail no call back. I'm glad it was only 58.00. Can only imagine if it was more. I opened a case with the attorney general in MA for this con business. Hope this helps those out there considering purchasing from them.



                        Weird. I had good success there. Of course that was before I started thrifting and finding stuff even cheaper...



                          Oh yeah...I also ordered something and never got it, despite multiple emails an phone calls. Eventually cancelled with Amex and got my money back. I heart Amex.



                            Guess they either tanked or they let Jason spread the word and he was lucky to actually be the example of a successful order. Sorry to hear that for those who ordered from there.



                              Conti Couture is a complete scam. I ordered, got a confirmation and a UPS tracking #. When I tried to track it said the package has not arrived at the facility. Checked for 2 days, still the same. Contacted Gia on email and she said she had a family emergency (thats where I knew I got scammed) and she just dropped it off after hours in the drop box. UPS still said it hasn't arrived in the facility. I emailed and left a voice msg for Gia to cancel have not heard back and probably won't. I'm very skeptical on any posting saying they got honest service. Stay clear of this site.



                                Sorry @chico... FWIW I did get good service back when this was posted, but others have had problems so I'd say stay away. eBay is generally cheaper anyway, and has great (too good) buyer protection.