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    Anyone ever heard of this site?

    They have some ridiculously low prices...


    Never heard of it and I didn't see any confirmation from Google that other buyers have had success there... Buy at own risk.



      they say if it looks too good to be true...

      I'll stick with ebay



        Well, I found this:

        and these:

        So I dunno... Looks like a small business that's just not very tech savvy.

        So I'm torn... I'm willing to take a chance with the site, but I'm trying to decide what to get between 2 there and one on ebay so I'd love some feedback.

        Here's the one on ebay. I think I like it the best, but measuring the sleeves on my other sportcoat that I had done at the tailors, those are 25" whereas this one is 23.5". I'm not sure if there's enough fabric there to make them that much longer?

        Here's the 2 from conticouture:

        I've been trying to do some research to figure out which is better quality and which is more likely to be canvassed... From what I've seen it seems to be around the same.

        Any thoughts appreciated!



          How do you know for sure on eBay you are getting a legit item? I always feel like eBay is risky too as there are plenty of counterfeits and used items being passed off as new just because they used it for one or two wearings...

          Maybe I am just paranoid and I will admit that I have always avoided clothes on eBay so I am not well versed. An education would be taken openly



            Well, I decided to give it a shot... I had some nice timely responses from Gia here:


            So I decided to take the plunge. $62 with shipping for a canvassed blue blazer was too tempting not to. I'll let you guys know how it goes.



              I have bought tons of stuff form conti coture, her stuff is amazing and she has excellent customer service I recently bought a crocodile briefcase and was amazed at the price and quality of the merchandise after the first order I was hooked. I also ordered a loro piana birdseye grey suit for my brothers birthday and several shirts for my self. I cant believe I'm saying this but I continuity spend $$$$$$ to get stuff from her. Dude trust me you wont be disappointing also beware of the sale emails they contain too much good stuff, then again maybe your stronger willed than me.



                Just to follow up, this shipped out the same day and should be here on Monday. I'll follow up again when it's arrived.



                  hey Jason, mind posting your results...this may be a dappered forum secret right here. After reading thurstoms review, i am quite interested, but will wait for your reviews.

                  "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                    For real. They have RL Purple label sea island cotton for $70... Unheard of.



                      Exactly. That's why I couldn't pass it up... Worth the risk for the potential reward, and Gia has been very nice.



                        Not to be rude, but thurston seems to have made his threads account to write that review only... Could be a newbie, but it is just something to consider that the post popped up and all it has done since it was created yesterday was give a glowing review of a site were nervous about.

                        That said, it could be someone who reads and finally made an account to talk to us or something.

                        I hope the site is reliable because it is incredible if so.



                          Yeah, wait till Monday. I'll try to post some pictures or at least some info.



                            So what if i did just make this acc to post a review, does that in any way diminish it? I fully stand by what I have written, the site is amazing so are the products and the service is excellent. Hey when I was flush I didn't mind blowing 3figs on a shirt, then I started school and......... money is tight but I cant look like Gilligan can I? LOL I just hope the prices stay low and you guys don't buy up all the good stuff.



                              @thurstonhowellthefirst I gave the benefit of the doubt that you may be new. I said it to start with that I wasn't being rude, just rightfully cautious. Rave reviews for bad sites are in comment sections and forums across the web and they are simply trying to fool people. I appreciate you confirming that you were not just a tricky review post account and look forward to more posts from you here. Your review is not diminished by you being new, it was simply just me staying cautious when an account has only posted something to encourage us into paying at an unfamiliar site. No hard feelings and happy posting.