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Shoe stretching

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    Shoe stretching

    I have a pair of AE Clifton them. Unfortunately, they're a tad too...tight and my toes pinch. Is it worth my while to have a cobbler stretch them, if possible, or just sell them and find a wider pair?



    Are you saying they're too narrow or not long enough?



      I've had a couple pairs of shoes stretched. If they are one width too narrow or something like that you should be fine with stretching. None of my experiences were total home-runs, but I was satisfied.



        Sorry, should have clarified. I think they're too narrow. I have a good 1"+ lengthwise.



          @bonzo. get them stretched if the length is right. I've had two of my AEs stretched by a cobbler with fantastic results.



            I have some flat out EVIL wrinkles in a pair of AE seconds. I read something about using a shoe stretching spray combined with shoe trees and heat from a hair dryer to get them out. Anyone dare me?



              You can also stretch them yourself. Shoe stretch spray is basically alcohol/water solution, make your own.

              Scrunch up some newspaper, wet it with the solution and stuff them into your shoes. Stuff in as much as the shoe will fit, leave to sit until the shoes are dry. Remove the newspaper and try them on.

              You can also use wet rags in lieu of the newspaper. Repeat as necessary.



                I had success having a pair of 9D chukkas from polo stretched out to a 9E. I think it cost about $50.



                  I've tried the following:

                  1. Filling a ziplock with water, putting it into another bag, and stuffing it into the toe box. Then freeze.*

                  2. Bought a shoe stretcher on Amazon (with the steel inserts), sprayed it with the stretching spray (alcohol and water as N0rm mentioned), and tweaked it a couple turns each day.

                  3. Taken shoes to the cobbler for a proper stretch ($20-$30 in my area, depending on the cobbler).

                  In one case, I was able to stretch a shoe about half a width (from D to EE ish) myself. In another case, not even the cobbler could stretch a shoe from C to D (it kept springing back after I wore it).

                  I wouldn't use heat from a hair drier on leather shoes, they dry fast enough naturally overnight for me. That said, I've made a fitted leather case for my Nook and part of the process was popping it in the oven for <2 mins at the lowest temp (160F).

                  *Don't do this unless you are OK with risking the shoes and know how to work with leather.

                  My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



                    I stretched my Dalton's from 11.5B to 11.5D/E by wearing them. Hurt a lot at first, but it works. I have a high pain tolerance.



                      Some points:

                      1. Putting newspaper in your shoes will not expand them out like a shoe stretcher, which can be had for a whopping $15. &cm_mmc=PaidSearch-_-GooglePLA-_-FreeShip30-_-08541401000

                      2. $50 for stretching? Does it come with a martini and back rub? Never paid more than $12.

                      -YackoYak is clearly a pseudonym for MacGyver.



                        I've stretched a couple of pairs just by wearing them or just leaving them in shoe trees for a very long time. The ones that budged the least were my Bayfields, but they finally gave in.



                          Thanks for all the advice. The shoes also give me wicked blisters on my big they may just have to go.



                            You can also try thinner socks, but sometimes you do just have to give up the race.