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    @Fred G. Unn Okay, that's amazingly helpful.

    Digging through The TieBar a little more and found these. Let me know if I'm way off base.

    Eggplant Herringbone (although I like the Grenafaux texture more, someone mentioned that they look cheap)

    Glen H. Plaid (based on recommendation from earlier thread, though I would like some more color)

    Navy/Silver Stripe (Sorta boring, but clearly I should start small)

    Colbert Plaid (I like the colors)

    Paisley - Black/Olive (Apparently I like paisley. Who knew? Not sure if this one is actually good.)

    I was also looking at the pindot pattern, but now that @diversification has pointed out that the dots aren't symmetrical I can't unsee it. And the houndstooth/big tooth pattern, though a subtle callback to the chef's uniform I usually wear, looks kinda busy on a tie.



      Comments? Suggestions? Horrified stares of "dear lord why would you think that was okay"?



        Grussell, I like all of those. The Paisley would be my least favorite but I would still wear it.

        I would be someone that @Alan might refer to as a "Tie Person." I haven't counted in a while but I have dozens of ties (as in many dozen). And I buy 1 or 2 new ones per week.

        My tip: Go to Goodwill if you have one. The ties are $2-3 each and are usually in REALLY good condition (YMMV, of course). I typically find nice slim (but not skinny) ties every time I go there.

        At that price point you can really buy a lot of them and if you decide later on that it won't work, then it's no big deal.



          "sooooo you're going to eat lobster later?"