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Collars on my work shirts.

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    Collars on my work shirts.

    Hey everyone. I have an issue with trying to buy some shirts for work. With every dress shirt I try on the collar comes up way too far on my neck. When looking at me from the back you can see no neck at all. It makes me look like I have no neck at all. I'm just shy of 6 feet tall and 175 pounds and have a long enough neck. Should I be looking for shirts with a certain collar type? I like the looks of shirts with smaller collars because you can see a good amount of the neck and it highlights the shoulders.



    I used to have this concern. Now, I feel the opposite. I'm going through my wardrobe and regretting all the small, soft collared shirts I bought. They get buried underneath sweaters and the lapels of my blazers.

    H&M and Lands End Canvas have shirts with pretty small collars.