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Indochino Bruno Brown Tweed Blazer

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    Indochino Bruno Brown Tweed Blazer

    Hello Everyone.

    Looking to add a new sportcoat into my rotation. Already have a navy wool, navy cotton,

    grey tweed, olive/brown herringbone and camel cotton.

    I came upon this brown blazer from indochino.

    Does anyone have any experience on this item? quality? would this color only work with dark denim?


    The fabric won't let you down. Don't expect it to be thick like a thrift store tweed. I've felt all of their fabrics and won't consider any of them a real winter weight - more like a three seasons feel. And they say as much in the description.

    If you haven't ordered from there, it's not always a slam dunk with the measurents on the first try, but I think it's worth it.

    You could pair this with a lighter khaki colored heavyweight chino too.




      Sounds just like what i need. Didnt want too thick a fabric. I have a suit from them which fits great so the measurements are already in their system. Now im 90% sure I'll be buying. lol. yea was thinking dark denim or my jcrew stone bowery's.



        I'm seeing it with some dark chocolate corduroy if you really want to play up the seasonal aspect.

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          If you like their styling then $249 is an exceptional price for a tweed blazer. I like redsubway's cord idea. I would pair the jacket with navy or light grey wool trousers. Crisp cotton dress trousers could look good. It would also work with dark denim.



            Nice find. I really like this blazer. Make sure to post some pics and share your feedback on it if you get it.

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