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The Science of Sizing Down

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    I swear I need to invent a clothing line meant for those of us that are this "small-medium" size.



      How about a sleeve with a cuff that could be easily cut to length it? That would be great.



        @zerostyle - glad to hear that someone else shares my pain. On a positive note, I think I may have found a much more inexpensive tailor. I have a small load of clothing that I'm going to bring over for evaluation. $12 - $16 for tapering shirts sounds much more appealing than $40.

        As far as measurements go, I'm all over the place. I typically wear a 32x30 waist, but sometimes require a 31x30 depending on the cut of the pants. I've found that some of the offerings from Bonobos and Banana can fit HUGE, while others are spot on. My chest measures between 41" and 41.5" around, and I typically wear a 40R, though I need to remind myself to try a 38R in the future, as Joe and other members here with similar builds tend to go with that size. My Ratio shirt measurements (I have six of these damn things) are 16" neck, 40" chest, 33.75 sleeve. I originally went with 33" but my shirt sleeves were not extending past my tailored jacket sleeves. Again, part of the learning process. Size small has been hit and miss for me. I recently sized down the aforementioned BR rain coat which is bordering on too tight, but looks good for the most part, and my J.Crew pea coat, which fits pretty snug in the small, but might be just right. I don't expect to have full range of motion in a winter coat like that as I don't plan to be carrying firewood, or exerting myself in such a way that would require it while wearing it.



          @frost. I'm within an inch and a few lbs of you. And I regularly buy small in sweaters.



            I just changed sizes. Post workout, I'm a 42.5 inch chest, and a tape measured 34" waist at the belly button (translates to 32 with vanity sizing) meaning I have an 8.5 inch drop chest to waist ratio. Yeah. nothing off the rack is ever going to fit me correctly.

            @Johdus: good to know. I'm going to buy both sizes and return one (or potentially both) when I purchase online from now on.



              Well, if the sales people are comfortable with your hugging them or you have someone there you can hug to test out the fitment, by all means, go for it.

              For the rest of us, we can pretend while in the store, can't we?

              "We had a sick night b*tches!"