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Where to still find shorts, swimwear, t-shirts?

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    Where to still find shorts, swimwear, t-shirts?

    I'm headed to Rio de Janeiro next month for a 2-week vacation, and need to load up on some new shorts, t-shirts, and a swimsuit. (I didn't buy much this summer).

    Any decent options that might be closing out stuff for cheap?


    I know that Targets have their tailored fit shorts marked down to $7. Pickings are slim, but they are there. They probably have cheap tees too, but I'm set on those from past LEC sales.



      @redbeard: Yup, I was the one who posted that target deal. Grabbed 2 pairs of shorts, but sadly they had no swimsuits.

      I rarely wear t-shirts, and am having a hard time deciding what to buy. I currently have a heather grew crewneck, a maroon crewneck, and a light blue v-neck, all solid colors.

      What can I say, I'm boring.

      Any t-shirt experts on here to inspire me?



        Old Navy. I typically don't shop there, but if you're in a pinch...



          Bonobos sale section has some stuff



            Yeah, Old Navy is actually a great place for tees and other basics like this.

            Here are some of my favorite t-shirts:

            - A white t-shirt. I don't have one, but I love the way they look. A very good shirt to throw on between your hotel room and the beach.

            - A dark gray or brown henley. A step up from the typical t-shirt, but still very comfortable.

            - A pocket tee.

            - Purple t-shirt. My favorite t-shirt is probably my purple high school shirt. I love the color and it goes great with any casual pants or shorts.



              try marshalls, tj maxx and ross.



                Not sure what your style is but if you're looking for SoCal style surf stuff, try,,

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                  Clearance racks.



                    Pretty sure when I was in JCP yesterday their swimsuits were all on a rack for $3.



                      Summerwear is pretty much exactly what's left in J.Crew's sale section - use MUSTHAVE for an extra 30% off, and enjoy cleaning up!