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OCBD Wars: LEC vs BrooksBrothers

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    I'm not familiar with Ask Andy but there is some diversity of opinion in SF about this, and certainly wearing a tie with button-down collar and a sportcoat or blazer is taken less seriously as an offense than a tie with a buttondown collar and a suit.

    Button-down collars are less formal then straight and spread collars. So they are less appropriate with suits. But with blazers/sportcoats in the United States - not so bad. Even good with the right tie - a knit tie or cotton or wool. And among certain groups - old school rich WASP/Prep in the northeastn US - button down collars can be worn with suits. Several Kennedys did it. George HW Bush did it. My father was a not a president and not a WASP, but wore Brooks Bros button-down dress shirts with a suit on Wall Street for years, and people asked him where he got his clothes. Lots of well-styled serious people do it in that part of the world.

    Here is a good overview of this from Put This On:



      So I ordered one of the JCP oxfords. I size down to small in bonobos, so I did the same in JCP since Joe described them as being so similar.

      The shirt fits awesome in the chest, very similar to Bonobos, only ever so slightly larger. The collar seems good and substantial. The god the sleeves. They are incredibly slim cut. So slim that when buttoned all the way to the outside button at the cuff my hand had to be forced through it, and I couldnt get my hand back out without unbuttoning it. It was just about skin tight around my arms (which are a bit muscular, but not massive).

      So in short, if you size down you will probably get the right chest, but too small arms. If you keep it TTS you will have a slightly large chest and perfect arms.



        You aren't supposed to be able to pull your hand out of a shirt without unbuttoning it, are you? I can't on mine, even ones that aren't skin tight at all. But thanks all. I'll have to check out the JCP today. My only worry is that it'll age like crap whereas the Brooks Brothers ones look amazing when worn in: And here's to hoping that the Everlane ones are amazing.



          "I couldnt get my hand back out without unbuttoning it."

          That's how shirts should fit. That's why there are buttons.



            I can typically slip through with just a little push, but if I backed out of this shirt it would have ripped the button off.

            Either way, the sleeves are still pretty tight.



              If you can bend your arm without popping a stitch, it's not too tight.