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OCBD Wars: LEC vs BrooksBrothers

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    OCBD Wars: LEC vs BrooksBrothers

    I'm trying to decide between these two. The LEC blue OCBD is $30 shipped right now. The ESF Brooks Brothers version, after double corporate discount (this Thursday) is $65 shipped. I know people like the Brooks Brothers more, is it worth more than double the price of the LEC one?


    Tough call. I like both. I suppose it depends on how you want to wear the shirt.

    The BB is slightly more fitted on me, but is very long. So unless you go to a tailor, this is a shirt that you'll wear tucked in.

    The LEC is not as fitted, but in no ways is floppy. It's also much shorter. If you plan on wearing your shirt untucked, this may be the one.



      I wouldnt count out Bonobos, since you can get them for ~65$ with coupons/sale section/nordstrom.

      the LEC ones arent bad, but to get the right fit in the chest/arms I have to go down to a small, which makes the neck too small. If I get a medium for the right neck, its huge in the body.



        Of course the easy solution is to get both and try them on.

        You're dealing with two companies with probably the most liberal return policies in the industry.



          Also check the JCP line oxfords that just released, they are 25$ a piece.



            I've owned both the regular LE tailored fit (paid $12 on sale) and the BB ESF ($45 on sale).

            IMO, if you can get the LE on sale, do it without question. The BB ESF at 3-4x the price fits just slightly slimmer, and the quality is NOT that great. I have threads falling out of my BB shirts all over the place.

            BB is way overrated in my opinion, even on sale prices. I like the shirts I have, but really wish I wouldn't have returned the LE's for the price.



              WIth the LEC one, do you mean the Heritage Oxford?



                I do!

                @zerostyle The two reasons I was thinking the LECanvas over the regular Lands End shirt was free shipping on the LEC and the fact that the regular LE ones are non-iron. Do you like the fabric on them?



                  Another vote for the JCP OCBDs. The material is a bit light, but man, they fit me perfectly. I picked up three (white, blue, and purple)



                    I'm not sure how the LEC oxfords are I don't think.

                    It's hard for me to compare size, because I tried the size 15.5 "Regular Pattern Long Sleeve Tailored No Iron Oxford Buttondown Collar Shirt" from LE, but the OBCD I bought from LEC was the "Men Long Sleeve Stripe Heritage Washed Oxford CNVS" in small.

                    The LEC shirt is WAY slimmer and shorter, but of course I'm comparing a small to a 15.5 dress shirt that's probably more of a medium.

                    I'd say the regular LE has a thicker material as well.



                      if you are anywhere near the bay area, stop by for the uniqlo opening specials. finally got to see what all the fuss is about. Great looking OCBDs for 14.99. Fit me like Brooks Brothers ESF when i size down. Gotta go back and stock up on what they had run out of last night.

                      Also very slim fitting merino wool sweaters at 20bucks/pop.



                        @dlareg - I wish I could get over there (I live in the East Bay) for the Uniqlo specials but unless I take some time off I just never get over to the city these days.



                          What I need to make a decision sight unseen is something like a full spec sheet. Waist, chest, arm hole measurements. Collar height, point length, etc.

                          In lieu of that, Jodhus is probably right. Just buy them and return one. Or both.



                            I do not recommend the LEC unless you have very long arms.

                            I'm about 5'9, 150lbs, athletic build

                            Tried a medium: Baggy around the waist, about 3" too long in the sleeves

                            Tried a small: Shoulders were too tight to button, still an inch too long in the sleeves.

                            BB oxfords are OK if you get the extra slim fit (even if you have a bit of a gut). The sleeves are slightly longer than average, but much more reasonable than LEC.

                            I second the jcp recommendation. I just ordered six of them (size small) after trying them on in store.



                              @kbrown: I may have to give those JCP oxfords a whirl. Like you said, the LEC smalls run quite slim on me (same size as you), but I can get away with them. Uniqlo smalls fit just a bit better and you might want to look into them, though they are still not perfect.