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    Date Night blazer

    Hey all. I'm relatively new to men's fashion, and am looking to buy a blazer, primarily to be used for date nights and intended to be worn probably with dark jeans and a dress shirt.

    My background: I'm a 25 y/o man who lives in L.A. The only "blazer" I have is part of my Alfani RED dark navy suit ( Note that it's a dark navy that looks almost black in low artificial lighting, which makes me hesitant to wear my brown oxford shoes with it. Some people say you shouldn't wear a wool suit jacket with jeans or separate from your suit pants, some say it's okay, as a fashion newbie I'm not sure which is right.

    So, I don't know whether I should be looking to buy a cotton navy blazer, or another color (light grey and tan/khaki come to mind). Or should I be looking to buy a wool blazer? I'm considering 2 choices so far:

    Navy cotton blazer:

    Light grey cotton blazer:

    Which of the two should I get? If you have a different suggestion, please do let me know. I prefer to not have poly in the jacket shell, so only cotton/wool/linen, no poly blends.

    FWIW, I am planning to get a charcoal grey and/or medium grey suit at some point down the road, hence my consideration of a light grey blazer and not a dark/medium grey one. But, moot point if I shouldn't be wearing a suit jacket with jeans.



    The link to the navy blazer's not working for me, but, provided it's at all decent, I think you'd be way better off w/ navy than w/ light grey. More versatile and also the darker color is more appropriate for a night out.



      Navy cotton blazer should be in every mans closet. So I say make this your next purchase, then look into adding some patterns.

      "One man's style must not be the rule of another's." - Jane Austen



        Thanks for the responses. I feel pretty confident about the navy one as I've seen it posted on a few navy blazer threads on this site. The one knock on it mentioned by some people is that it is a 1-button blazer. I don't mind, and I suppose I can have a tailor make a 2nd buttonhole and attach a 2nd button if needed.

        I just saw a nice navy blazer with nice brown buttons on another thread ( It's wool though, not cotton, and at $250 is pricier than the $89 cotton one I linked to previously.

        Thanks again for everyone's input.



          @passerby - That LEC blazer is $150 today with the code from their website.



            If you have $250 to spend on a navy blazer, there are plenty of better options than Lands End. This one is probably comparable in quality to the LE (if not a bit better), but cheaper. It gets high marks for fit:


            I'm not sure Eddie Bauer quality is as good as it once was, but I have to expect it to (or at least hiope it to) still beat Lands End.



              A few thoughts:

              Do you plan to wear the blazer with jeans, or with chinos? I'd actually argue that for most dates where you're wearing dark jeans, a medium grey to charcoal color will be better because of the contrast.

              Also, I'd go with a cotton (plain, twill, etc) blazer if you want to match it with jeans.

              Wool is definitely more dressed up and more appropriate for work wear or with neutral color dress pants.



                @Juan - thanks for the tip, the 40% off makes that blazer really tempting now. I like how the brown buttons on it would match with my brown belt and brown oxfords.

                @Alan - I really like that EB blazer, and at $130 it's a great deal. Unfortunately my size is out of stock, oh well.

                My concern with a wool blazer, as opposed to cotton, is: wouldn't it be redundant considering I already have a navy wool jacket as part of my navy suit?



                  @zerostyle - I plan to wear it with dark blue jeans, as I currently don't have any chinos (just various shades of blue jeans and some grey & navy dress pants). I suppose I should pick up some chinos at some point.

                  Good point about the contrast though. People don't seem to be fans of the light grey so I'll check out some medium and charcoal grey cotton blazers. I guess I can buy both a navy and a medium grey cotton blazer, not necessarily one or the other here.



                    @Passerby: Yup. Since fall is here, you could also do a tweed or herringbone pattern that has a little weight to it.



                      Please note that that $250 LEC blazer is crazy short. I bought a sportcoat from them last year in a 38 that fit great up top but was something like 29" from the back of collar and looked really short, so I had to return it (I'm 6 feet so I need 30.5" or longer).

                      I saw this new blazer and the 40% off sale and asked a rep how long it was. It's even shorter: 28 1/4"

                      Just an FYI if you are on the tall, slim side.

                      I fully embrace light grey coats. I have last year's model of the Colburn tweed Ludlow jacket from J Crew in what was an even lighter heather grey from last year. It looks smashing with dark denim. There are J Crew final sales on end-of-season items and I wound up getting it for around $100. You'll have to wait til January or February for their Fall/Winter final sales to start. I wound up buying the tweed blazer in April.



                        I'm in a similar position, and I really don't know where to start.

                        Another thing to consider, wool might be too warm. I'm also in LA, and I think you definitely might feel too hot in the summer (even at night) with a wool blazer.



                          In the review for the LE blazer the guy says the buttons are non functional? the front buttons?



                            @spiveslude - sleeve buttons.



                              I'm of the opinion that if wearing any sort of blazer whatsoever is entirely new to you, then cotton is the material to get to start (and navy's the color to get). It's a more casual fabric than wool and will therefore feel more natural to wear (because you're not used to dressing up).

                              If you want a dark grey cotton option, BR has a charcoal houndstooth cotton blazer that is about as perfect as you could want a grey cotton blazer to be imo (and fwiw, I get the sense grey blazers in cotton aren't all that common). Joe mentioned the blazer on the site a few weeks ago, I believe. Last I checked, there were very few sizes left online, but a few stores in my area (Manhattan) were still carrying my size (38R) last week. Just make sure to hit it with one of BR's many coupons, cause the retail price of $200 is quite steep for a cotton blazer.

                              Edit: Just saw the link to this blazer in another thread and it looks like it's restocked online: