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As the name says I am new to this whole thing any and all advice appreciated

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    The $1500 wardrobe articles are probably a great place to start...

    Scroll down...

    "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



      Just wanted to throw out that you should keep scoping out this site and for good clothing deals. You will start to get a good pulse on what you should be paying for quality items.



        Thanks everyone... Has anyone tried Knot Standard? I have a friend who recently bought a suit from there and it looks sharp, the whole thing seems like a cool concept: bespoke suits for the masses although they are a bit pricer than suit supply blue line but about the same as the custom tailored blue line which is where I was looking. Maybe it's a bit soon to be dropping 500-700 especially if I don't know what kind of lapels I like and such. It seems as if they are just the same deal as indochino (spelling?) but more custom and a bit more price anyone heard of this? If not maybe worth a look



          SDot mostly nailed it. Focus on fit more than anything, and stick to BASICS for your shirts. You might think it's boring, but go with a ton of combinations of white and blue. You just won't end up wearing those lavender or pink shirts very often. To keep things interesting go for subtle patterns that make the solids pop.

          Rules I think you should follow:

          1. Stick with light colors instead of dark colors ( light blue vs french blue )

          2. When buying patterns, go with small patterns or thin stripes/checks instead of large ones

          Buy the below and you'll be doing ok:

          Solid white twill shirt

          Solid white herringbone shirt (one of these could be french cuffs if you wanted)

          Light blue twill shirt

          Light blue end-on-end shirt (love this look, but not always easy to find)

          White shirt with small blue checks

          White shirt with thin light blue stripes ("university stripe" or "bengal stripe")

          White + blue gingham shirt

          Pants: I'd skip black as SDot suggested. They look too waiter-ish to me. I'd go with a pair of medium grey, charcoal, brown, and navy to start. Buy flat-fronts (not pleated).

          Blazer: Start with a good fitting navy blazer. Get 2-button, notch lapel. I prefer brown horn or pewter buttons.

          Suits: Get a solid navy and solid medium grey or charcoal.

          Shoes: Really depends on how flashy you want to be. I'd got with something like the brown Park Avenue 5th avenue (cap toe with light broguing), and then maybe a black cap toe or wingtip. If you want you can mix in a tan/walnut color which is really popular, but they are a bit flashier.

          This all sounds really boring, but with these basics you can mix things up and be very flexible.



            Pretty good stuff on here...Some additions I'll add...Stay away from pleated pants and square toed shoes...If on a budget, I'd strongly recommend staying away from black shoes, they're just very uninteresting, I think the same with dark brown, I personally prefer light tan and lighter brown with matching belts...Belts can be found at TJMaxx/Marshalls/Burlington Coat Factory/Ross/etc...You can get descent quality shirts from JCPenneys, target, costco, etc...Get your dress shirts tailored...



              Everything TheJagMan says is spot on. Go easy on the shirts (aka don't buy too many in a bulk deal and don't splurge on certain 'high end' names). If you're just starting out, focusing on fit over fashion means your bank account is healthier and you will IMO look a lot better. Most of my shirts are from Marshalls or JCrew Factory (and I bought 4 recently on a deal from Charles Tyrwhitt). These are all either in a great fit (extra slim) or have been tailored to fit me. People notice. I see plenty of 27yo guys wearing baggy shirts and pants. It does you no favors, regardless of your body shape. When your clothes fit you well, people pay more attention to you and less to what you're wearing.

              I'm not somebody who thought "extra slim" anything should be in my closet, but when you start wearing fitted clothes, you see that it's not actually 'skinny.' Taper wider-legged chinos (and dress pants, but gently - these should still be looser), take in the sides and sleeves of your shirts. Take some time to find a good, affordable tailor (ask at local thrift stores, men's stores) and have them practice w/ a few pieces you don't like very much at first (I guarantee you'll love them more afterward). I know tailoring seems like a luxury, but budget for it by purchasing one or two less articles of clothing. It's well worth it.



                zerostyle - great post! Maybe time to change your name to "atinybitofstyle"? ;-)



                  i think Joe has an old post called - 1500 dollar wardrobe.. i think most of the stuff is sold out, but it should give you an idea of what to look for