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Carhartt jacket: how to wear? should I wear?

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    Carhartt jacket: how to wear? should I wear?

    So I found a Carhartt jacket in Ross for $20. 36R so it has a nice, snug fit. After thinking about it for a while I finally decided to give it a try.

    1) Can I wear this without looking like I'm about to go chop wood?

    2) I don't live in a cold climate. This jacket would obviously work in a place like Sioux Falls. However, I live near a beach on the gulf coast. Should I just return it?

    ^^ very similar to what I purchased


    I like Carhartts. They excude manliness. You don't have to be a lumberjack to wear one, but it helps if you can steal some of their looks. You don't need flannel, but work shirts or sport shirts are a good start. If you're layering, consider cable knit sweaters. There's plenty of stuff here: ~1~1&cm_re=D-4-4-1&pageSize=72

    Denim or heavy khakis are the way to go in the pants department. Since the jacket has that distinct Carhartt color, you can wear khaki pants and you'll still have color separation. If you do that, though, be sure to introduce some color or pattern (or both) into the shirt to break it up more. If all that sounds like trouble, just stick to jeans.

    Got any lugged lace up boots? This would be a good time to show them off. Even if you have something as dressy as AE Bayfields, you could probably get away with it. Just avoid anything with a leather sole that isn't a cowboy boot.

    I grew up on the Mexican border where it only snows once every 50 years or so, and Carhartts were plenty popular there. It just matters on how thick it is. If you're sweating in it, it's not the right jacket. However, I doubt that's the case or else you wouldn't have grabbed it.



      In the end, you may still look a little lumberjacky, but that doesn't mean you can't look good while doing it. :-) You can moderate that vibe with the right pants and shoes. I think something like this would keep the whole look grounded.



        For $20 I'd keep it. You never know when it's convenient to have a beater jacket around.




          Wear it to go chop some wood...