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Jcrew Urban Slim vs. Dockers Alpha khaki, which has a slimmer cut?

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    Jcrew Urban Slim vs. Dockers Alpha khaki, which has a slimmer cut?

    The only difference in measurments i'm finding is a 10" rise in the Jcrews and a 8" rise in the alpha. Does anyone own both pairs and can compare the two? Can you compare these to a Levi's model? Or to the BR Emerson chino.


    alphas are way slimmer. leg opening i think are like 7.5" urbans vs 6.5" alphas.



      I have both, same waist and inseam. Only diff are the Alphas are longer by about an inch, everything else is the same incl. leg opening. As for fit the Urban, due to the longer rise, feel better in the seat area. I've been doing a lot of squats and deadlifts and my glutes have gotten huge to the point where I'm starting to get the dreaded "diaper butt" on the Alphas.

      As for Levis, IIRC the 514s I tried on came the closest, no experience with Emersons unfortunately.



        Here's a picture for comparison sake.

        Left : J.Crew Urban Slim, 28x30. Leg opening is a bit over 7".

        Right : Dockers Alpha, 28x32. Leg opening is around 6.75".

        I had to cuff both pants, since my inseam is probably around 28.5". The Alphas are slimmer, even in the upper leg.

        The sad part is that both pants are now way too tight in the waist, I can't even sit down with them.



          Will the Alpha even fit over a pair of shoes???



            What do you mean over shoes?

            The Alphas run long. I would round down with the inseam. Still, great pants for skinny people.

            The Levi 511s are slimmer than both (the 511s run short on the inseam. I'm 34 in 511 trousers.), and I would say the 514s are roomier than the Alphas. Don't have the Urban Slims yet.



              I don't have Alphas but my BR Emersons are definitely slimmer than my J.Crew Urban Slims.



                Alphas squeeze my onions way too much.

                JCrew urbans don't.

                So yeah, there is a big difference.



                  I like the new LEC Elston Slim Chinos the best. Just throwing in my 2 cents.



                    @evil-e I have a pair on its way, can't wait to try them.