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[REVIEW] 5th and Lamar: A review

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    [REVIEW] 5th and Lamar: A review

    After seeing a review posted on Real Man Real Style (, I decided to order a shirt from 5th and Lamar.

    Like many others who post here, I have a large difference between my chest (38") and waist (29"). I still need to have "super slim" shirts taken in at the torso. The only OTR line that fits me well is Calvin Klein's Xtreme Slim fit, but they are hard to find.

    I ordered a "tucked" shirt in a Small. According to the website, the neck length is 15", sleeve length 33", made for someone with a 38" chest and 28-30" waist.

    I was impressed by the actual quality of material. For $48 (plus $9 for shipping, but free shipping kicks in at $150), I was quite impressed. Not Ratio quality, but a definite step above most other store brands.

    The shirt I received from 5th and Lamar has pretty much the same body measurements as BR's Tailored Slim, Express Super Slim or Marc Anthony's Slim Fit (from Kohl's). For me, this means while it fits decently, I would still need a tailor to take in the torso. Considering that 5th and Lamar specifically advertises as being slimmer than BR and Express, I was pretty disappointed. In addition, the sleeves on my shirt were comically short. When wearing the shirt, the sleeve barely reached my wrists. I measured the sleeves as 31.25".

    One other negative, the methods by which 5th and Lamar ships, the actual recipient in required to sign. I live in a townhouse complex that has front office, and even after calling UPS, they stated that the package was shipped in such a way that I had to sign and they could not just drop it off to the front office. Since I am never home during the day, I ended up having to drive a hour to the local UPS hub to get the package.

    In summary, 5th and Lamar uses good quality material but has poor construction. Based off the shorter sleeve length than advertised, I think it may be possible I just got a defective product. However, at this time I can't really recommend the product to anyone. Even if the sleeve length was fine, I would likely end up returning it. Once I factor in tailoring ($20) the final product would be $68, which at that price I rather just do MTM.

    At the same time Antonio Centeno (Real Man Real Style) really liked 5th and Lamar, and he knows far more about style and clothes than I do. So take my review with a grain on salt.