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What kind of socks with Converse lo-top All Stars?

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    What kind of socks with Converse lo-top All Stars?

    This site and others have made me so anal when it comes to looking right.

    During the summer, I wear my All Stars without socks (they're black btw), and if it's reasonable and I'm wearing something casual, I'd like to wear them in the fall occasionally, but it's too cool to wear them without socks right now.

    I don't like how white socks look with jeans; how are you guys wearing tennies with jeans during the Fall?


    Have you considered navy socks? Or grey depending on what color your chucks are.



      I go no socks with the low tops and tend to put em away when its too cold.



        I also tend to put my converse away during the winter. However I will wear them with blue dress socks and jeans. Is it your feet or ankles that get cold? If its your feet, no show athletic socks might work. During the summer I go with no show athletic socks (my feet get too sweaty to go sock less).



          I haven't really solved the winter sneaker riddle for myself, yet. Sneakers seem very summery to me, but that leaves a hole in the winter wardrobe for those of us who do like to go very casual sometimes.

          I tend to use gray socks a lot when not matching to pants. You might want to try some heavier, textured, or colored socks with chucks in the winter, to make them more seasonally appropriate.

          Maybe something like these:



            Thanks all. Maybe the sneakers just need to go away once the temperature drops too low for socks. Like I said, I don't like white socks unless it's for athletic endeavors, and the colored socks don't look right either.

            I have another question, what kind of socks would you wear with these? How would you wear them?


            I bought these awhile back, and I was wearing them with jeans. But now that I have Desert Boots in Beeswax, they are my go-to brown shoe with jeans. I kind of regret buying them now, because I hardly pull them out of the closet.



              If I'm not going sockless, I'll wear colorful/patterned dress socks. I wear my Chucks year round, but I suppose that's an advantage to living in SoCal. I don't have an issue wearing ankle high white socks and jeans on some occasions, but also don't see the big deal with wearing dress socks. You're either being super casual or casual with a bit of fun.



                Today I really wanted to wear comfortable shoes so I went with brown suede Puma's I've had since college, with argyle socks (Navy base, orange, red, yellow green argyle) and cords.

                I think if you're gonna go sneakers in the colder temperatures you need to go for it. Wear colorful socks that fit in with your overall look.

                Dress for style, live for results.



                  i just wear go to hell socks (like Happy Socks) with my chucks



                    I wear my chucks for much of the winter, too (and I'm in New York, where it does occasionally actually get cold). I guess it's a side-effect of growing up in Southern California, much like calling everyone, including my wife and daughters, "dude."

                    I'm also in the "go to hell socks" camp. A pair in navy and red stripes is my current favorite move.