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On the Sockless Look

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    On the Sockless Look

    Dappered Readers,

    What's your take on the sockless look? Right now, I'm wearing chinos with penny loafers and no-show socks. Been trying this all summer, and I can't seem to convince myself that it looks OK. Does it require a certain skin tone? "Soft features"? Panache?


    I think it looks silly with loafer, but fine for low tennis shoes or sneakers. Or a low boot. But I think socks should hide the ankles with loafers or dress shoes. I know many will disagree, but loafers and ankles just don't combine well in my opinion.



      If I don't have to wear a sock during the summer(i.e. working in a hospital) I almost never do. This includes converse, wingtips, boat shoes, saddle shoes, bucks, you name it. Pretty sure loafers are born to be sockless, like boat shoes. Seriously.



        I couldn't pull it off until I worked all summer as a sailing instructor, which now means that my legs and feet are the same shade of bronze. rocked loafers today sans socks, and it was great, where I could not have pulled it off before.

        also a certain degree of dress and panache I think are also required. but I do think it works



          also: shorts.

          shorts with loafers with socks looks ridiculous



            I have to say, I'm a little bit more comfortable doing it with canvas sneakers and boat shoes. Still not 100% on it, but I try. Is there a height requirement? I'm 5'7" with a 29" inseam. I've gotten "you look like a schoolboy... in a good way" from the wife twice this summer.

            My short inseam is the reason I do not cuff my pants.



              Like others have said, you have to look nice otherwise to show it was intentional. And it has to be warm. Kinda like saying, "I know have to wear nice pants and a button-up, but dammit I'm not wearing any socks!" I've been doing it regularly with loafers. Did it with my old Clarks semi-boots today and I have to say it was awesome. Was even sure to wear a shorter inseam.

              Next step: sockless suit.



                I am 5'7"-5'8" and do it. Confidence. Realize it's a good look, wear it with a well put together get up so that you know you look good and you'll never go back.

                Done the sockless suit...good stuff with trim pants with little to no break on a summer day.



                  It looks like women's slippers or silly women's flats on a man to me when they are without socks. Now with shorts, it looks much better, though still not a sleek shoe in my opinion. In the heat, it makes sense, but there are more achievable looks than sock less loafers. I just think it looks odd like socks were forgotten so now it looks like you wore pants with an inseam too short and are exposing bare ankles accidentally and awkwardly. The less formal, the better if you decide on sock less. I think a sneaker without socks is fine.

                  I am trying to picture Daniel Craig as James Bond with NO SOCKS. It isn't working. I just can't see it.

                  I know people disagree, but I think it is best to go with socks if you are in a long pant or jeans, and a sneaker shoe of some sort if you wear shorts. And hell, I just don't buy any loafers because I just find them so clunky and unflattering.

                  Note: Mac is autocorrecting to sock less as two words, but I will continue to use it anyways.



                    Hmm. I just perceive it as the opposite. If someone goes sockless with nice pants or nice shoes it strikes me as original and understated. When I see people without socks with sneakers, at best it looks normal and unremarkable.

                    And the thing is, I could definitely see Daniel Craig James Bond without socks.

                    I also like loafers in moderation, but I also have smaller, slender feet. I could see how it might be different if you were a size 12.



                      I'm only 5'8 myself. I went sockless with some light brown Weejuns and grey slacks this weekend at a wedding. At times I would purposely cross my leg over my knee to confidently expose my ankle. Haha, I think it's completely ok to pull off.



                        I am a size 12! But I think loafer look like a chunky shape in general. Normal and unremarkable is not always bad. I don't think a whole lot of strikingly noticeable ankle glimpses looks better than normal sneakers, which I am sure we all go for often on purpose anyways. I am not interested in being original with my ankles. I'd rather stick to some classic looks I find to look nice, normal, and plenty less silly. It is all opinion of course, but I think socks make it looks more complete and an ankle is not flattering to your outfit. A nice, groomed, good condition women's ankle? Sure. A man's ankle? Not that nice.




                        Weird and silly and women's-flatsy looking to me.

                        These guys don't make it better to me either:




                          The first two images look a little ridiculous because the shoes are feminine, not because he has no socks on. Plus it looks like he shaves his feet and ankles... Weird.

                          The first image in the third link isn't so bad, but his WHOLE outfit needs help. Double breasted tux with overstated shoes and his pants puddling at his ankles? Can't these people hire style consultants?

                          Kanye looks pretty good! The loafers with no socks are very subtle, just the right amount of break in his pants. His jacket is FAR too tight on him though. Maybe it's because he has his hands in his pockets, but the lapels shouldn't be creasing like that at all.



                            I tried the sockless loafers situation out for the first time this summer. Just got some Geox loafers and figured I'd go for it. Loved the look with a nice pair of khaki chinos and a light blue oxford shirt. However, I will say that it tore the crap out of my feet. Not sure if I just need to condition my feet a little more or if I was doing too much walking.



                              Lol. You might need to break in your shoes, still. My boat shoes rubbed my ankles raw for the first few wearings, but now they feel like slippers. Also, foot powder.