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What's your weakness?

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    What's your weakness?

    Or put another way, where does the bulk of your style budget go? What items do you have a lot (possibly too many) of?

    For me, it's shoes. I don't have as many pairs as a lot of people, but many of the pairs I have are pretty expensive. I've got 4 pairs of AE's and a couple other high-end pairs. And outerwear... I don't know why I have so many jackets and coats. I live in freakin' Texas! I wish I had more suits, but good ones sure can be pricey, and I always end up spending the money on shoes.


    Outerwear- usually utility jackets like chore coats ( in navy) or of the Millerain or otherwise waxed cotton variety. And navy blazers, as @tomservo has frequently observed.

    This is all followed closely by blue (who would have guessed?) chambray shirts. I think I just constantly keep buying the same category of things to figure out which brand I like the best (fit, coloration, texture). It's an ongoing experiment. Yeah, that's it...



      My weakness - watches, definitely. Outerwear, too, but not to quite the same extent.

      I've slowly but surely been thinning the herd. I will probably never again be a 1-watch guy, but I'm working on purging all but the most essential pieces (and those that are, frankly, too cheap to bother flipping).




        Shoes... I thought it would be dress shirts but its shoes. In a year I've purchased: AE Park Avenues, Fifth Avenue, Players, and Malvern (the PA on ebay, the Fifths in the recent Amazon sail, and the latter two in the 2 for $200 sale). Also purchased Sebago Hamilton's and dark leather boat shoes.

        And I want more...gray suede bucks and wolverine 1000 mile shoes. Not very cheap...

        It used to be sweaters, and then I remembered that I live in TX.



          I wouldn't say I have a weakness (yet) but I definitely have too much outerwear after accumulating various jackets, fleece, and synthetic tops and bottoms over the years since I work as a field biologist and used to hike and backpack quite a bit (not so much anymore since my kids were born). It's good to have that stuff when I'm actually working in the field but it doesn't transition to the office or around town very well. Then again, it seems to be standard casual wear around here for a lot of people (Berkeley, CA) so I can get away with it pretty easily. I definitely won't be buying any more bright blue raincoats, windbreakers, or backpacks, though.



            Definitely sweaters for me.

            My cocktail videos >



              I actually had a ton of sweaters, but I got rid of a bunch of them in favor of sweater vests which I've found easier for layering.



                Shoes, definitely shoes. Discovering the AE Shoebank was very detrimental to my bank account. Finding Drakes ties and Isaia 7-folds at my local NM Last Call was bad too.



                  Dress shirts and dress pants. I've found a good source in terms of fit for both (H&C and Bonobos) and even though I have more than I can wear in a typical week with each of them, I keep buying anyway.



                    Redheads and girls that like baseball.

                    Dress for style, live for results.



                      Apparently pancake-making.

                      But I would say shoes. Or watches. Or blazers. Blazers and shoes are hard to find in my size, so if I find one, I'm always really tempted to buy it.



                        Though I've been able to restrain myself, the two items I'd buy endless amounts of would be shoes and jackets/blazers.

                        In the last 2 years I bought these shoes (mind you, I threw all my old ones away): Park Avenues, McAllisters, Strands, J&M Aldriches, Clark DB's, Varvatos Chukkas, Puma Suede sneakers, Saucony running shoes. I'm still looking for winter boots too.

                        Blazers: Have a cheap medium grey linen H&M, a charcoal herringbone JCRew for fall, a uniqlo khaki , and a BB Fitzgerald. The sad part is I hardly ever wear these, but now that fall is around I hope to rotate them in a lot more.

                        I'm glad that I never got caught up in watches. I might buy 1 casual and 1 dressy one for myself and call it a day, but I never wear one right now.



                          @Gabe: Any tips for finding affordable slim dress pants? I'm looking for some earth toned pairs that have a subtle pattern or texture ( herringbone, checks, etc).

                          Basically, something like these:


                          But for < $100.



                            @zerostyle: try a gap factory if you have one close by. I saw similar looking pants there for 19.99 last time i was there



                              Good question. My weakness is that when I see something I like I buy too many of them, and end up with too much stuff. And then if my tastes change, I've got stuff I can't use. I have a bunch of shirts that I like the looks of but don't fit right, for example.