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My take on transforming Stafford Wingtip Boots

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    I bought these boots mainly to wear on rainy days and I have to say that I'm very pleased with them. I wore them for the first time today and they are very comfortable and look great. Now, I'm debating whether I want to mess around with the look like Margotron and Joe have done.



      I bought both the staffords, changed the laces on the bals and not sure if I want to even keep the boots yet. They aren't as interesting as I thought they would be. I might have to change the color or something, or return them. I like what you did here, I like the richer look you have going.

      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



        MaxMan - what laces did you go with? I changed mine too, then wrecked the ones I changed bc I tried to turn them into 'wax' laces by adding wax. Anyway. Didn't work.

        I want the same laces used on AE Dalton, but I can't source them anywhere...not even the AE site. Ideas?

        For the record, I dig these mightily now. Getting a pair of 1000 Mile Wolverines this fall, a different look obviously, but I've decided these guys are great for a pair of boots that I am happy to wreck on city curbs or in puddles



          @Juan: How much did you size down your AE Dalton's from your regular shoe size?



            Here's some $400 To Boot New Yorks. Obviously not the same, but...?



              @frost - 1/2 a size. Before discovering this site, I used to buy KC shoes and I was wearing a 10 in their shoes. Most of my athletic shoes are either a 10 or 10.5, depending on brand. All my AE shoes, including the Dalton, are a 9.5D. the Stafford boot, I went down to an 8. I first bought 8.5 but I felt that I had too much room in the front, so I exchanged them for the 8. I measured the size 8 Stafford boot against the 9.5 Dalton boot and they are about the same length. The Stafford boot is definitely long and narrow, so I don't think it will work for someone with wide feet. Hope that helps!



                @Juan - I think we're about the same size. I'm a 9.5 in the McTavish and Strand, but a 10 in the MacNeil and Townley. I'm going to pick up the Daltons at some point in the near future (I just bought this, so I'm taking a self imposed "time-out" -- ), but I may opt to pick these up for kick around winter boots.



                  That's hilarious about the contrast with the $400 boots. I mean, I'm assuming there's a difference in quality; but I went to my local JCP on Sunday and checked them out, and yeah, I'll be picking them up for sure in the coming month or two. For the money, JCP hit an absolute home run. I hope this is what we can expect from the future of JCP.

                  I worked at a JCP when I was in high school, and I've got to say, they're moving in the right direction.



                    @frost - that's a beautiful briefcase! Enjoy! You'll probably fit into an 8 or 8.5 on the Stafford boot.