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Where to get a slim fit, blue blazer, for around $100?

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      Really interested in this thread... I live in a very warm, humid place (Houston) while I want a navy blazer, 100% wool seems like it might be a bit on the oppressive side. Would the LE Navy Linen jacket be acceptable year-round or is linen a summer-only thing? Also does it look formal enough to wear to places where a jacket is required and people would wear a navy jacket? I'm a med student so I don't have too many instances at the moment to wear a navy jacket either way, but for $90+tax, the linen one looks like it might be unbeatable.



        @devirkahan - I've got what you need!

        36 is available, and you've got $2 to spare. It's seersucker, granted, but it fits slim, and I love it.



          @LosRockets - I hear ya- I live in Atlanta and we certainly have our fair share of heat and humidity. 100% wool can be hot, but if done right it does breath better than cotton (not better than linen though). Linen has look that is really for spring and summer, and because of the way it wears- the looser weave and natural wrinkling- it is not suitable for formal occasions (business) or for winter and fall.

          I would recommend thrifting to everyone- there are great deals out there. If you want something new, try this (repost from old link at

          [V]ersatility can take you far, but it might be best to get a blazer for casual events and another for business casual ones.

          Casual Examples for summer/spring:

          Ben Sherman cotton 2 button notch lapel ($109.50 from $219):

          Yoox 3 button Panama jacket:

          Casual with pockets and epaulets (gabardine wool) ($79):

          General Assembly ($79.99, down from $145)

          Hawkings McGill ($79.99)

          Not navy, but rich blue Rether 55% Cotton/ 45% Linen:

          Casual for Fall/Winter:

          CIRCOLO NUOTATORI NUNZIO PILOTA 80% Wool, 20% Polyamid ($145), epaulets and casual flap pockets (in safari jacket style).

          FABIO DI NICOLA 75% Virgin Wool, 20% PA, 5% Cashmere ($109), nice roll. Note casual patch pockets.

          Hybrid (dress up or down possible)


          If you do get a wool blazer for business casual purposes, think about replacing the standard gold buttons with more understated buttons, such as brown horn or plastic buttons. Joe did a post on this here:

          Where to get replacement buttons (recommendation from StyleForum folks):



            Would definitely replace any gold buttons. Unfortunately I can't really justify two blazers right now so I'll have to get one, but I see your point about linen wrinkling and stuff.

            Question: Does that Hawkings McGill blazer actually look good in person? *Everything* at UO looks horrible online... maybe my local one has it. I love that Howe blazer, save for it having 1 button. That's a bit strange IMO.

            Followup: Does linen work in every setting that cotton does?







                @JEH thanks for that Bonobos link. Heard of the store, never shopped there before though. Got a size 36 (almost no stores near me carry 36) and found a coupon code online bringing the cost <80 bucks. Here's hoping.



                  JEH: Seersucker is nice. Totally okay with me. Is it really actually slim though? I'm quite a slim guy. Just "not huge" is not considered actually slim



                    PhD Plox, where do you get the coupon to bring it down to $80?




                      I just googled "bonobos promo code". had a $25 dollars off orders over $75 for new customers. Worked on the on-sale seersucker. Not sure how they check if you're a new customer or not (email, address, credit card?). No tax and free shipping. Will be a nice deal if it fits well.



                        I really want that Bonobos seercusker jacket, but when I go to add it to my cart it's saying that it's out of stock! I emailed their support. I'll let you know what happens...



                          I was in a similar scenario. I bought a 36 Slim Fit navy blazer from H&M for $69.99. It wasn't awful OTR fit, but I took it to my tailor to adjust the sleeve length. Alterations were $40 so for $110, it does the job well.



                            @devirkahan - Did you have any luck? I just saw that blazer pop up again available in size 36.

                            If you are a first time customer, will get you another $25 off.



                              you can use the code finalquarter on the jacket to bring the jacket down to 73.50. code expires 10/25.