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On the fence about the whole "Shawl Collar Cardigan" thing....

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    On the fence about the whole "Shawl Collar Cardigan" thing....

    Over the past few weeks or so, I have pondering the purchase of a shawl collar cardigan. They are pretty cool and slick (like myself) but a small piece of me feels like they are the "in" thing this go-round.

    I am not one to purchase anything that may be out of style within the next 2 to 3 years. I use tact when making my purchases; vowing that my wardrobe will remain interchangeable at a moment's notice.

    Does anyone else have similar thoughts regarding this item OR is it me?



    I second your concern. Though, they've been around for a while. Just not overly popular until late. You can say the same for knit ties, wingtips, pocket squares, etc.

    I'd own a few already if the wife would let me. She thinks they're gawdy.



      I think the problem is that they are the "in" thing at the moment, but truly are a timeless classic.

      I love the shawl collar cardigan, and would love to wear it even more if it weren't in fashion right now -- it's a great piece, and in a way, very individual. However, right now it is in fashion, which means more people will be wearing it.

      I say it's a great sweater to get now. this year people may just think you're in fashion. in 2-3 years, people will think that you're behind the times.

      but then that nice spot hits 5 years later, when it's no longer in fashion, or remembered as in fashion, and you just have a nice, unique sweater that makes you you.



        This guy has been pulling off that look since a scene in the 2006 movie, and again in this scene in 2008:

        I think it can work anytime if you can rock it confidently. It is more popular than it was a few years ago, but it looked good back then and will look good still in a few more years.



          Great points fellas! I think what it comes down to is getting one of a classic quality

          VS. one of a trendy nature

          Makes sense. I just hate being trendy in any way, shape or form.



            I wish they would sell them in a more fitted or thinner style. Most of the ones I see either look just a little too think for this climate, or just look downright awful like a frumpy 45-year-old librarian.

            That Daniel Craig one is where it's at.



              Daniel Craig wore mostly Tom Ford in Quantum of Solace. That Cardigan is around $2000. It is the nicest, but maybe not that nice that it should cost so much more.



                BR's heritage line tends to come out with one or two per year. I have 2 from them that are well-fitted and really nice quality sweaters. They look classic rather than trendy.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  This shawl collar from LEC looks a lot quite trim, and it is made of a cotton linen blend:




                    You must be in a pretty fashion forward place if you have to worry about looking "trendy". I say where what you like and forget the naysayers. Also, the wonderful thing about sweaters I find is that because they normally stretch (alot more than dress shirts) any fit issues can be solved by sizing down. For example, I'm prone to wearing an XL slim fit in Jcrew shirts (long arms 16.5 36/37 for reference) but fit into a medium LEC cardigan quite comfortably.



                      @ Frank, I dig what you are saying about the naysayers. I, for one, am not one that worries in the least bit. I like to think that my style is timeless. It's just sometimes you have to wonder (not worry) about clothing trends esp in such a "hipster" city I dwell in (DC). Shit is depressing how many styles have "jumped the shark" in this city of mine.

                      I appreciate the sentiment on the sizing though.



                        I'm liking this one... On sale for $35!




                          Yeah, seriously thinking about that one in small. Anyone have it? Doubt it gets lower than $35. Sounds pretty rugged and durable. I just question the fit even in small.



                            That shaker shawl has been $35 the ENTIRE YEAR. So yeah, I don't expect it to drop in price.

                            Dunno about the fit. Returns are easy if you live near a Sears.



                              I just got my shaker cardigan out for the first time this fall. I have the medium which fits great over a couple of layers. I am 5' 11" and 180lbs.

                              The shaker is durable and I love the wood buttons, just realize that it is a chunky outer piece.